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20-06-2006, 18:02
Yes you read right 119 not 319

Having been not being that impressed with WD recently though I do think it's got a tiny bit better in the last issue and having written to Mr Rees with my views ( and got a reply- which was nice).
I wondered if actually WD was never actually very good and it's just nostalga that makes us think old WD was better than sliced bread. So to be fair I've decided to review an old WD.

WD 119 review (November 1989)


Blood Axe Ork mek fixing what's probaby a dread by Dave Gallagher
- Original art work no photoshop in sight.

1page ad inside cover, 1 page contents, 2 pages ad/store finder 20 stores in the world.

Editorial (culture shock) 2 pages
1 1/2 pages total text (small prob 10pt) detailing whats new and going on with games dev etc. Deathwing seems the thing to be excited about. (Oh a a new multi part plastic giant that they started talking about 5 ssues ago- only joking)

1 page ad + 1 page indepent store finder

2 pages Orky artwork- all original in house art work (subsequently on front of boxed sets/ in 'ere we go

2pages 'eavy metal including stage by stage Fimir conversion.

3 page Warhammer fanatasy role play article introducing characters from the Zaragoz novel (2 page ad for random artwork in middle) mostly small font text

1 page ad for MB games Axis and Allies and shogun

9 page nurgle article in some pictures (all artwork) and 7 pages of solid v small text.
2 page ad for Bolt thrower record in middle

3 pages from Jez Goodwins sketch book detailing battlefleet gothic concepts

8 page original space marine painting guide, stage by stage guide to Ultramarines/Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Salamanders (hence my avatar and finally finished marine army- only took 16+ years) note that Blood angels are teracotta based and not vivid red.

2 page ad for marauder fantasy miniatures
1 page dealer directory and 1 page ad for WD subscription

2 pages 'eavy metal

8 pages Warhammer fantasy roleplay- the suddock

1 page ads non GW stuff

2 pages 'eavy metal followed by 2 pages solid text explaining "how to" in a lot of detail.

5 pages on the "Spartan" a LR/Rhino conversion with extra space for terminators (think early Crusader varient), with labeled parts and step by step instructions

5 page article about Skaven also all small text.

2 page Glden deamon catagories/rules

9 page Citadel catalogue

Inside Back cover Epic 40k
Back cover diorama featuring Skaven vs Heroquest.

80 pages + covers

16 pages Ads/Store finder + 9 pages of catalogue
11 pages original artwork/eavy metal with how to section and the rest is all solid 10pt text.
I read very quickly but this issue still fills at least an hour of reading and also requires re-reading in some cases.


21-06-2006, 07:20
I have nostalgia for issues around the 260-280 mark. As for 119 I was 9 y.o. and just moved to Croatia (then Yugoslavia). The closest we came to WH40K was Croatian Guardsmen taking shelter in our bomb shelter from Serb artillery barrages.

23-06-2006, 14:17
I too hail back to those days and before (circa issue65) The quality now is desperate and original artwork seems to have totally died a death. Even the City of Death codex contains almost zero new artwork and that is simply shameful.

I think that last year's birthday present of a subscription is going to die an early death very soon if the level of effort continues

Rees would do well to take a gander at the old issues. he had the effrontery to mention a citadel journal conversion article in 318 but not to print it! The message being, here is the sort of detailed hobby article that we used to do that you won't see the like of again because hey kids the minatures are all

that may be the case but i shant be paying £4 a month just to have that shoved down my throat

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