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20th Century Boy
21-06-2006, 10:17
... here is my Marienburger warband.

I'm just starting the game, and played a couple of scenarios with Dwarf treasure hunters. Then I discovered the marvelously looking Marienburger officers ;)

I prefer a strong theme and want to build my Marienburgers with a regular military force in mind. Included are officers (senior, normal and junior), who get Duelling pistols as trademark items, troops consist of Halberdiers, Handgunners and Skirmishers (Swordsmen).

Marienburger mercenaries - 575 gc

Captain - Heavy armour, Sword, Brace of duelling pistols - 170 gc
Youngblood - Sword, Duelling pistol - 50 gc
Youngblood - Sword, Duelling pistol - 50 gc

4 Warriors - Halberd - 35 gc
Swordsman - Sword, Dagger - 45 gc
2 Marksmen - Handgun, Dagger - 60 gc

(10 models, 70 rating)

Later on I plan adding a Champion (Light armour, 2 Swords, Duelling pistol), giving pistols to the Handgunners, and adding Specialists - a Warrior with a Double-handed weapon, and a Marksman with a Blunderbuss. I also might need to add some Light armour to match the models I'll use...

But first I have to see to survive - any hints, constructive critique, ideas? I'm trying to stay within my theme, and winning is secondary to me - I had a hard time with my four Dwarfs, yet managed to win sometimes :)

21-06-2006, 10:27
The theme is nice, it's good to have in Mordheim. However, I'd get the champions right off, as you need as many heroes as you can get to earn income. Also, armour is, sadly, a waste of points, but then it does fit with your theme, and I guess with your models.

So, I'd drop the heavy armour on your captain for the moment, and maybe on or two warriors, and spend the GC on two champions. Personally, I don't think halberds are that great, but that's just taste.

Also, go for crossbows over handguns if you can. Handguns suck in Mordheim.

Finally, I personally wouldn't give Youngbloods expensive items like duelling pistols, perhaps normal pistols to indicate their lesser rank?

21-06-2006, 10:51
Some things in the Mordheim rules are clearly unbalanced, and I'd highly recommend that you and your group agree on some house rules to ammend them, for the sake of variation. Otherwise, as McMullet said, armour is only ever concidered when you've got everything else, and handguns are inferior and more expensive crossbows.

But yeah, taking the maximum amount of heroes (five in your case) should be concidered standard. Downgrade the youngblood's duelling pistols to regular pistols and you've got enough points to swap two warriors for two champions.

20th Century Boy
21-06-2006, 11:11
So if I put things togheter, while still trying to stay within my theme, the other end of the spectrum would be

Marienburger mercenaries - 600 gc

Captain - Sword, Brace of duelling pistols - 120 gc
Champion - Sword, Duelling pistol - 70 gc
Champion - Sword, Duelling pistol - 70 gc
Youngblood - Sword, Pistol - 40 gc
Youngblood - Sword, Pistol - 40 gc

4 Warriors - Halberd - 35 gc
2 Marksmen - Handgun, Dagger - 60 gc

(11 models, 93 rating)

- I guess, I'll land somewhere inbetween...

Hmm, so outfitting the models so they're equipped with what they look like, should possibly be left for later. The armour thing already irritated me, especially with those critical hit rules :( As did the Handgun vs. Crossbow thing - if you add the optional Black powder rules on top, Handguns are highly unplayable. I'll call it dying in the arms of my theme... :p

21-06-2006, 11:26
I know just how you feel. My Middenheimer champions are all wearing chainmail and plate armour, but it's just too expensive to buy at the start of a campaign.

Your heroes look fine now, as we know the handgunners are a bit screwed but all credit to you for using them in the name of theming. :)

As the man with the distracting avatar says, you may be able to talk your opponents around to the idea of modifying the rules for handguns (a reduction in cost, say, or just let them "count as" a crosssbow).

21-06-2006, 11:54
Indeed, you're to be commended for placing theme and models before efficiency. Especially in Mordheim that's an important thing. But it just gets too extreme when a suit of barely useful armour costs more than an extra warrior with equipment.

Unfortunately Specialist Games isn't exactly on top of these problems, and many gamers are reluctant to accept unofficial rules. I don't know about the group you game with, but some of these problems can be easily lessened, if not completely fixed. A handgun at 25 points will still be worse than a crossbow, but at least you don't suffer doubly for sticking to your theme. It's still backwards, but less so.

20th Century Boy
22-06-2006, 09:19
After tooling around with the Warhammer Marienburger mercenary list, I decided to tweak my 'templates' a bit. Considering my model choice and the abovementioned list, I want to expand into

1 Mercenary Captain - 170 gc
Heavy armour, Sword, Brace of duelling pistols
2 Champions - 90 gc
Light armour, Sword, Duelling Pistol
2 Youngbloods - 50 gc
Sword, Duelling Pistol
4 Warriors - 55 gc
Light armour, Halberd
2 Swordsmen - 60 gc
Sword, Pistol
4 Marksmen - 80 gc
Light armour, Handgun, Dagger
Marksman - 90 gc
Light armour, Blunderbuss, Pistol, Dagger
1 Ogre Bodyguard - 80 gc
Light armour, Double-handed weapon

with items in parenthesis being bought with excess cash. Youngbloods will carry pistols and expand into Duelling pistols after raising their BS, Swordsmen will start with Sword/Dagger and later get Pistols, the Ogre is an idea I got after reviewing the old Empire Ogre product line ;)

That would make 15, if I correctly assume that Hired swords don't count against the warbands max?

Also I have a question regarding pistols in close combat - the wording is a bit confusing - you seem to get the pistol attack (or two) in the first round, but what afterwards? Do you use them as standard Hand weapons (which technically on't exist in Mordheim), or switch to another weapon combination?

22-06-2006, 10:03
That looks pretty solid. :) You are correct that hired swords don't count to your maximum warband size.

Regarding pistols, we always played that you drew whatever other weapons you had when the first round of combat was over. As you say, the rules aren't 100% on this, but I'm sure you can come to a sensible solution.

23-06-2006, 10:33
Some players play with a rule saying that that you can wield the gun as a club in the following round. Personally I use the same rule as McMullet.

20th Century Boy
23-06-2006, 13:50
We considered that, but the abovementioned rule call sounds sensible. The rule wording is models with two pistols get two attacks at the appropriate characteristics in the first round of close combat. This means that no profile attacks are given thus indicating the pistols are just emptied. And as a pistol doesn't have further close combat characteristic, switching to another weapons combo from round two on seems the best sollution.

20th Century Boy
26-06-2006, 00:28
I'll call it dying in the arms of my theme... :p
Well, I did, and I probably will again... :(

So what shall I say - two handweapons thus more attacks rule, a high movement, thus attacking first rules... Handguns are dirt - at least Swords are nice.

I was slaughtered by a heavy duty Beastmen warband today - the wrapup left a mere 200 gc worth of warriors alive, and my Captain unfit for the next scenario - I think starting over is fairer than being pummeled again...

So what except doing the desperate thing of equipping everyone with two additional Daggers, and taking two Handguns to somewhat irregularly fire every turn? I decided to take the Ogre from the beginning, at least that might give me some staying power, more Swordsmen, and just a themed contingent of Handgunners, I'm afraid...