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21-06-2006, 20:32
Right, I'm going to be very frank and honest here:

The Games Workshop Wood elf models suck.
No, this isn't just something I've made up. They really do. The Dryads and Treeman/Treekin are very much alright, and the Glade Guard are ok, but how they managed to get the wardancers to pass quality control is a mystery to me.

Some of the sculpts lack eyes or are otherwise poorly defined at best at certain details. Likewise the glade riders are just abhorrent.

Then, I stumbled over this little fellow:


You see where I'm getting at, right?

I saw a flyer in -.pdf format which showed a few other variants, and now I'm thinking if it wouldn't just be better to buy an army of these (when enough variants are released) and use them as glade guards. Some questions have arisen though:

Are rackham models the same scale as GW miniatures? I'm guessing they're 30mm, but I could be wrong.

Will there be other Daikinee models coming? Equivalents of wardancers, glade riders and maybe even Eternal Guard? From what I've understood Rackham doesn't really do cavalry models, which seems to bad as I'll have to field an all-infantry army then... :rolleyes:

How's the overall quality of the models? Equivalent or surpassing GW?

Thanks alot, hope you'll excuse me for being such a noob.

22-06-2006, 03:06
Rackham models are amazing, and yes they are the same scale but a few othe the races like wolfen and ophidians are monster sized. GW doesn't even come close to matching the detail and character of each miniature. You can check them out at www.rackham-store.com

As for daikinee, I believe they will be seeing more releases in the months to come. Rackham usually puts out 1 or 2 new units every month when they're introducing a new army.

22-06-2006, 05:32
Howdy, Satan.
Daikinee will start releasing in October and off the top of my head they have coming from then through Feb 07; blister 3 archers, box of 8 multipart warriors, elite warriors blister of 3, mage, elite champion, blister of two forest creatures (probably big treekin size I'm guessing). Might of forgotten a blister or two, but I think that's it through Feb. Note as Sprue said their quality for detail, with little flashlines, is superb, and the scale is the same as GW but more realistic proportions (no stockiness). No minis in blisters/boxes are ever the same sculpt with a slight variance, all are uniquely sculpted, even if similarly garbed or only subtly different, unlike other companies. A hero is already out for them in the starter paint set and an alternate 2 piece (better as the bow arm is more 3D) of the same fig is in the wolfen clan box, which is slipping out of production. Also, the theme is chitinous bug bits (bracrers/headbands, etc) and plants all over the few we've seen. For example, the quivers are like loose rolled cigar leaves; very cool, and a con only sorcerous has a lil' scarab pal.
Hope that helps!

22-06-2006, 08:04
They're actually the same scale? And here I've been thinking that they were 30mm and as a true GW fanboy I've been trying to use that excuse for the increased quality of the sculpts.

Thanks alot. I'll probably be getting an army of these instead to replace the GW elves, which, in my opinion, aren't very good at all...

22-06-2006, 08:46
at the end of the day dude, GW is 30mm despite what they like to say. They havent been 28mm for years inho.

Rackham minis are fantastic though, the detail is gorgeous. If you have a Travelling Man in your area they usually stock it.

As for you Wood Elf idea I think it would look great, for the cavalry have you considered Rachams Celtic Centaurs? I've done a unit for my Chaos army as i dont like the centigor sculpts, painted in a different way they'd fit right in with WE (and already have the ears!).

22-06-2006, 09:00
Yeah, I figure they could work as wild riders:

Though first I'd wait and see if they release anything on horse for the daikinee, or see how the current WE work out, but I'm not hoping for much regarding the GW sculpts, which is too bad, because I love the army and the forest spirits, but doing an army consisting of just forest spirits wouldn't be to my personal taste. I have thought about it though.

If anyone has a Daikinee model spare they want to get rid of - send me a PM. I understand these models cost a bit more than GW as one-off items, but it would be fun to try and paint one.

Thanks for the input everyone.

A neutral shade of black.
22-06-2006, 12:55
GW is heroic 28mm. Scale is measured from the eyes downwards.

Rackham is 32mm. They are not the same scale - Rackham infantry models also won't fit on anything smaller than a 25*25mm base, and are too brittle to really bend the legs to fit on a 20*20mm.

Daïkinee aren't likely to have horses. They're forest-dwellers and their background has them as insect symbiots - if they get anything, it'll be weird and look like it escaped from Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke - which is a good thing, just not what you want.

Anyway, you'll want to hold off until later this year - the Daïkinee are coming out in November.

23-06-2006, 10:45
I've seen several Warhammer armies at my LGS with Rackham included, most notably chaos with alchemists and devourers, wolfen with ogre kingdoms, undead zombies and skeles in with equivalent undead, and cynwall in high elves. Scale is pretty close, height wise, with a head taller every now and then, when older figs are worked in especially, as Rackham seems to be shrinking lately in the last few years to closer to industry standard (drunes, cynwall elves are good examples).

Great point on the bases, ANSOB. Rackham uses the chaos warrior sized base on their figs, and while they have less "top" space (the slopes go up higher than GWs), moving them to the smaller ones must be problematic due to leg-spacing, dynamic poses, etc. Not to mention when done, ranking them up might be a problem with the poses if one was not paying attention to it when moving the figs over. Its been so long sense I've played Warhammer I didn't even think to mention it. :rolleyes: Sorry, Satan!

Lord of Change
17-07-2006, 09:23
good thread. what i want to know is about a specific miniature. the confrontation master of carnage 2 for the devourers of vile-tis, is he plastic or not. here is a link to show who i mean:


17-07-2006, 09:27
He should be pewter or some type of metal

I dont believe there are any plastics in the confrontation line aside from the resin beast thing

Lord of Change
17-07-2006, 09:31
resin beast thing? what is that, sounds interesting

17-07-2006, 11:27
word of note to those not used to rackham minis.

they use the old lead rich mix. easier to drill file etc, but if your not carefull ankles etc will snap. (gw's still contain lead, only a small amount tho)

the resin creature is the taraskus (probably spelt wrong) it is for the orcs and dirz.
there will be a resin dragon out at some stage for 215 euros and it's a big bugger.

my advice for using rackham sculpts for woodelves would be to mount them on unit bases (the ones that hold four models) with only a few on single bases.
if you mount rocks etc on the bases you will get around the 20mm base problem for fitting them on.
it will meen a lot of pinning and you will probably need a .6mm bit.
but hey, it'll look damn cool.

all the best with this idea.

Lord of Change
17-07-2006, 11:33
wow. cheers. i suppose i should have known it wasn't plastic, its just the model that i have put up a link for looks like it is. ah well. cheers anyway.

18-07-2006, 09:06
the dragon

the tarascus

I personally like the tarascus more but then again I also like the orcs and the alchemists more

Lord of Change
18-07-2006, 09:28
so, how do you find modelling the miniatures; are they easy to glue, paint etc

18-07-2006, 12:55
painting wise i prefer them.
they have cleaner surfaces that are free of all the crap that gw put on there minis.
they need pinning like any other multi part models and because of the lead rich metal mix they take superglue much easier than the white metal of other companies (white metal is less pourus)

for the bulk of there models pinning them to bases is a little tricky at first.
when you are used to it tho it's easy.
just take your time as rackham sculpts don't have the chunkines of gw and as such there ankles and wrists (as well as some weapons) are a lot slimmer.

pin vices (hand drills) are a must, they aford you a lot of fine control that you don't get with powered hand drills. it may take longer but you won't be drilling through ankles and wrists and ruining your models.

hope this helps.

Lord of Change
19-07-2006, 09:04
awsome. i suppose ragnarok miniatures are the same

19-07-2006, 09:31
I have found that Rackham figures are more "truescale" ie: if you were to put one next to the GW equivalent, The Rackham one would be properly proportioned.
In practice your woodelves will look taller/slimmer and more willowy, less cartoony than the GW ones, they will look lovely. You might want to look out for the classic GW wardancers too if you can find some on ebay, bit dated now but the poses are good if you fancied some conversion work.

19-07-2006, 13:31
@ lord of change, ragnarok and confrontation are games produced by rackham. the miniatures they produce are suitable to both games.
if you think of confrontation as warhammer skirmish and ragnarok as warhammer battle, then you will be on the right lines.

Lord of Change
20-07-2006, 08:55
oh right. my bad.

21-07-2006, 21:10
I am really not sure why more people aren't doing this, there are a couple of things I want to point out
1. The height of the minis is very close, but Rackhams sculpting style is a lot more slim/slender. It also relies much more on texture that structure, this is evident when you see that a lott of miniatures in different races are very similiar (look at Black Paladins vs. Cyanwalls vs. Dirz characters. very similiar in pose and proprtion with differences being in dress, knicknacks, face). This is a good thing as you can move between races and minitures will not look too out of place (especially if you mix heads). Dwarves (Mid Nor and Tir na bor) and goblins also are very similiar (structurally)

2. They do so make cavalry, Razheem the Insane is the best miniature ever made! (but not suitable for elves I think), alahan,griffins and acheron and orcs and dwarves all have cavalry

3. Look for discounts and the price difference isn't that much (if any)- most blisters of "troops" are about 3 bucks a miniature in the US (if you use one of the 30% off places), still a little more than the 2 your paying for GW plastics, but some of the characters are cheaper too...Rackham is more expensive, but not by that much!

4. Magnetic bases are a must with rackham in my opinion, as their miniatures are not as sturdy as gw's

The Judge
02-08-2006, 16:18
Razheem would work for Dark Elves maybe... an Anointed.

Have not brought myself to paint my Razheem yet... too beautiful to mess up.

As said above, my main problem with Rackham is the miniatures are rather... fragile, and do not suffer falling over at all.