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22-06-2006, 08:36
Ok, so i haven't played recently, but I am still dissapointed at my appalling efforts last time i did. My models are all assmebled and I won't be buying any more i'm afraid, but tactics would be useful. My main opponent was a shooty heavy Reiklander.

The models I own:

Captain armed with Buckler and Hammer and Wolf Cloak
Young blood With Twin Hammers

(Note, The Following Could be used As Anything, this is what they are equipped with)
Model With Hammer [Warrior]
Model With Helmet and Sword [Swordsman]
Model with Pistol (he also has an axe normally, but that arm fell off so that wepaon cna be replaced) [Warrior]
Model with Two Handed Hammer [Warrior]
Model With Bow and Hammer (bow could be used as anything?) [Marksman, bow used as long bow]
Modle with Hammer (also has an empty missing hand, so that cna be replaced with another weapon) [Warrior]
Model with Wolf Cloak, Helmet and Hammer [Champion]
Model with Wolf Cloak, helment and axe [Champion]

The stuff in square brackets is what thye were sued as.

The Wolf Cloaks did not actually mena anything really, I used thme only to distinguish them from the rank and file.

22-06-2006, 09:00
First rule of Mordheim: Take all the heroes you can.

So, you have your captain, two champions and two youngbloods (just use one of your generic warrior models as another youngblood). This gets you income (most important), and also allows you to get more skills and so on.

For the rest, the generic warriors seem fine. I'd do what you suggest and use the chap with the bow as a marksman with a longbow, but then the 24" range of a bow is probably suffuicient in Mordheim. In any case, you can't expect much from a single bow, so this guy is not going to get more than an occasional lucky shot (sidenote: I have two longbowmen in my Middenheimer warband. The NEVER HIT ANYTHING, except for one time I got mad and had them shoot at each other (one went out of action, one was stunned), so my opinion of shooting in MH is somewhat prejudiced :p).