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Stormtrooper Clark
24-06-2006, 18:11
I'm thinking of starting BFG but i have just 3 questions:

1) Is it complicated to play? I know it's a specilist game so it ain't as simple as the 'core' games but is it 'fairly' simple?

2) Will i be able to learn and get a small fleet in time for the summer Holidays?(4 weeks)

3) How should i start off my (Imperail) fleet? What types of ship do i need to start playing?

Thank you

24-06-2006, 18:26
1) I think it´s actually simpler than the core games ruleswise. Though it can be more of a tactical challenge.
2) Yes.
3) I´ll leave that question to imperial fleet commanders.

24-06-2006, 18:55
1) once you have read through the rules and given it a quick try, yes. But as mentioned above, it is very much a game for tactics
2) yes
3) try using proxy models and then working out what you want. Maybe buy a couple of cruisers, literally a must have, and not gluing the weapons bays in. Tack the weapons in as you trial, then glue and paint to finish

24-06-2006, 21:44
1. easier and better than core games

2. yes

3. buy the box set. you get 4 plastic cruisers for imperial and 4 for chaos. For Imperial build at least one carrier (Mars or Dictator). the 4 cruisers should net you 800-1000 pts. consider 2 dauntless light cruisers as well.

25-06-2006, 16:19
1. BFG is a really great game, its fairly straight forward to learn the rules but having facing and inertia on the ships means that it is very tactical and has endless opportunties for gaming.
2. I painted a huge space wolves fleet in one day. The ships can look really good just using drybrushing and picking out a few details. There are also a huge amount of possibilities for small games using different scenarios and celestrial phenomena so I find you only need a small fleet to have many hours of good gaming.
3. A couple of cruisers, light cruisers and some escorts and your set.

25-06-2006, 18:05
Excellent game, rules are sensible and economic. Good fun, better than 40k

The Ape
25-06-2006, 22:51
A great game - some of the missions are best played with a handful of ships a side - 750points is a good starting value