View Full Version : Dwarf Stone Thrower and other queries...

Lord Hurin
16-11-2014, 22:00
Hey guys, I got a small lot of old Warhammer metal blisters today. The biggest one was a Dwarf Stone Thrower, but I couldn't find it on the GW site at all. Is it still usable? I don't play Dwarfs, so I got it and some other Dwarf stuff mostly as trade bait or to add to my Empire if they really do go "unbound" next edition. Here's the full list of what I picked up:

Dwarf Stone Thrower $10
Dwarf Ranger Command $7
Dwarf Flame Cannon $12
2 River Trolls $16
Night Goblin Fanatics $8
Goblin Spearchukka $10

All metal and still sealed. I have a small Orcs & Goblins force (probably keep it around 1000-1500pts) and I'm thinking of just keeping the Spearchukka and Fanatics for it. How good are the River Trolls though, especially without a third? Worth keeping or should I trade/ sell them off?

forseer of fates
16-11-2014, 22:09
The dwarf stone thrower is there, just called a grudge thrower, 2 trolls are pretty worthless.