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26-06-2006, 23:13
Hi! (and sorry for my poor English...)

I've been thinking about for at least a couple of months and I want to ask ask people about this new rule:

My idea is to create a "Lvl.2 Magic", that the wizard can cast just a few times in the battle, 'cause it's more powerful than the "Lvl.1 Magic" (the rules one's). I thought about a possible restriction is to pay 2 will points at least each spell, so they would use the free point AND one of his basic will points. I've not really thought about the spells, but my idea would be some spells like the one that Gandalf uses in ROTK videogame, that throws enemies to the ground arround him. The limited use of this spells would mean he should use them wisely.

What do you think? It's a good idea? It would be better if we try to de the spells together, and more funny. If you have an idea, post it. I think it could be fun. After this, we would play with the new rules. This is for the ones, like me, who love magic. See you!!

26-06-2006, 23:59
Personally, I think the magic rules work well as they are.
Your idea has some intrigue but it doesn't seem to be overly necessary and the part of introducing levels of Magic makes a similarity between the LOTR and Warhammer Fantasy.

However, if you think it can work, give it a go and see if you can develop the rules so that they fit into the game.

27-06-2006, 07:11
IMO, magic in Middle Earth is relatively discreet. And keeping it exclusive to the few that can cast it, whilst at the same time not making it overly visible and deadly (more utility than anything) is a good thing.

Magic is Subtle.

27-06-2006, 13:26
I agree with Pertinax, when I was a gamesmaster in my Lotr campaigns, I never let the players have any magic, and when magic was involved, it was very subtle..

27-06-2006, 22:11
Isn't it something along the lines that "Magic is like a beacon. It can be seen from miles around"?

27-06-2006, 23:15
Magic is subtle in Middle-earth. Not your D&D fireballs and lightning bolts. And yes, macgi can be seen/felt for great distances:

At last reluctantly Gandalf himself took a hand. Picking up a faggot he held it aloft for a moment, and then with a word of command, naur an edraith ammen! he thrust the end of his staff into the midst of it. At once a great spout of green and blue flame sprang out, and the wood flared and sputtered.
`If there are any to see, then I at least am revealed to them,' he said. 'I have written Gandalf is here in signs that all can read from Rivendell to the mouths of Anduin.'
Quote taken from LOTR Book 2 Chapter 3 The Ring Goes South

30-06-2006, 11:25
Well I don't think it was a good idea. The magic is already so powerfull it can be to fit in the game. When I am playing with the good forces I am almost every time facing Ringwraiths and they are so irritating with thereTransfix that can be cast on a 3+, it is really irritating. No more improvement for the magic plz.

Bloody Gauntlet
30-06-2006, 12:57
I could imagine a "level 2 magic", but imo restrictions had to much more severe.

More like: here's the big uber-spell - use it to your own peril (and loose all of your spell points (and at least 4) or it wouldn't work...).

That would be in concordance with ME, I think...

30-06-2006, 19:49
Think what a Lvl 2 "sorc. blast" Gandalf running around on Shadowfax could do...