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Left Foot
16-12-2014, 22:13
Hi gang,

I really want to put legs on the bodies of those rather fun chaos dwarf minotaurs however, I'd needsell my preverbial first born to afford themfromeBay. The bodies from these models are far more dynamian the other chaos dwarf models and the conversion idea.I have needs a set of different and dynamic models, so ... so at the risk of starting another thread about a topic I presume must have been well covered, what dwarf models are the closest to the chaos minotaur bodies? I don't mind trying my greenstuff skills at those pointy hats, but is never be able to pull off the bodies in those postures.

Thanks for your suggestions here guys... I think I'm more determined to do this conversion idea knowing how expensive the models are, I will find a way around it!!

17-12-2014, 06:55
What chaos dwarf Minotaurs?

Bull centaurs?

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18-12-2014, 07:38
Assuming you mean bull centaurs, well, if this is for a Tamurkhan list, you're kinda stuck with the forge world models as they've been scaled up to monsterous cavalry size. If this is for beastmen or something similiar, mantic miniatures makes fairly cheap bull centaurs.

Left Foot
18-12-2014, 09:33
Yeah I meant those bull centaurs!!! Not to panic, lol.

Cheers I'll look into mantic but have a bid going for ironbreakers and im gonna attack them with greenstuff, ha.