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23-12-2014, 13:55
Hello Everyone,

In my quest for more board games to play I've stumbled across Carcassonne. I have found that I like strategic Euro games a good bit. I am wondering if Carcassonne would be a fit for me. After watching a few "how to" videos it does seem pretty fun. So I have several questions which I will break down here:

1. As someone who loves and owns Power Grid, is this game for me? Should I get it or does it get kind of boring after a while?
2. How do I assuage people to try this game? The actual theme of the game isn't that exciting, but I like it and other strategy games more so for the strategic element and pseudo-economic theme.
3. Kindly talk to me about the expansions. I know on zmangames they are selling big boxes of Carcassonne for $75. I don't know if they're worth it or even which box (there's more than one) to get! Its all rather confusing.

Thanks in advance!

01-07-2015, 15:58
I Have just received my kickstarter copy of "Galaxy of Trian" its loosely based on Carcassonne but based in space with planets and space lanes for roads, their website is -

and the kickstarter info is at -


hope this might intrest you.


07-07-2015, 14:10
I just saw this. Thank you very much! I am always on the hunt for new board games, and sci fi is more my speed than fantasy.

Khaines Wrath
28-09-2015, 05:51
I don't know about Power grid at all but I recommend Carcassonne. It's immensely fun to build the world and extremely satisfying when you manage to build a large castle. I've only played two expansions which are fairly basic, one introduces a river on the board and the other introduces a Bishop character with an ability to gain points on gardens as well as monasteries.

There's lots if expansions though and they all sound pretty fun. We recently bought Inn's and Cathedrals or something along those lines which Im looking forward to trying. There's a very cool sounding one though involving sieges where you can put broken walls on your enemies castles to reduce their points value.