View Full Version : Medusa Biomech WIP

Brother Pepe
13-06-2005, 22:23
I know its still work in progress but I figured I put it up for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. They are taking a poll on their forums (http://www.urbanmammoth.com/forums/index.php) about changing the tail blade.

I personally think they should make it smaller and slimmer.

What do you guys think?

This is also my first time posting a picture so, here goes.

13-06-2005, 23:48
Yea, I agree. It needs something else. A spike or a perhaps just continues the segmented tail out to the full length.

14-06-2005, 02:38
That's a fantastic piece of work you've got there, BP! I don't think she needs to be slimmer at all. The shape that you've given her makes her undoubtedly female, instead of a generic slim body with a couple globes attatched to the chest.

The sculpting style you have looks fairly reminiscent to that of a guy called TIN on CMON. He's got a WIP shot of a sculpt he was doing for Confrontation that has similar aspects.

Did you use FIMO for the body? If so, how do you manage to get the detail so sharp? Whenever I use FIMO or Sculpy, I can't help but to get rounded edges where it's supposed to be sharp. . .

Again, great work and thanks for sharing!


14-06-2005, 02:54
wasnt there some equivalent greenstuff that was harder like dark green or something
either way I like how the sculpt is looking
Id suggest applying a uhhexagonal or something shaped mace with jewelish stuffs on it yknow for the hi tech aspect on a very low tech device
it would help me the most if I had seen the art for it in the mag
but its still dam spiffy

Brother Pepe
14-06-2005, 04:45
I wish that was mind but it isn't. Hell I can't even glue on the right shoulder pads at times. If you go over to the urban mammoth forums you can talk to the guy working on it. I did. He is actually listening to people.