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23-01-2015, 22:08
So I'm building some terrain and wondering what's available out there that's not generic medieval buildings etc?

For example, any buildings suitable for dwarfs.

Whilst I'm asking, when people are building castles roughly how wide would you build it for a 'typical' battle. I'm guessing 250-300mm?? Or more like 500mm?

24-01-2015, 06:59
Good questions. I'll start with my usual redirection to the Specialist Arms forum, which has a much more active Warmaster community.

The only fantasy Warmaster buildings I know of come from Forgeworld, but even that list is limited (there's basically an Orc village set, and a Wizards tower, everything else is a human building of some sort). There's also a 'goblin village' set from Bel, though I'm not sure if that's up for orders yet http://www.polarfox.info/10mm_Terrain/cat2627800_2334742.aspx

One thing I've seen done, and that works out well, is to take themed Fantasy paper-cut terrain (like those from the old Campaign boxes- eg. Grudge of Drong for Dwarfs, I think) and scale it down when printing (to roughly 1/3rd the size).

24-01-2015, 13:18
At the warmaster launch several local stores were supplied with those little novelty castle ornaments that they make to flog to tourists. They just re-painted them... could be worth seeing if there's an Edinburgh Castle in roughly the right scale.

25-01-2015, 15:44
Kallista has a nice Warmaster scale castle set

If I was to scratch build a castle I would make sure each wall can mount an infantry stand and each tower two artillery stands

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