View Full Version : Any Chess set collectors?

Khaines Wrath
29-01-2015, 08:09
Hi all, I'm a lover of chess, by no means pro or especially good at the game compared to many but its a timeless classic. I was just wondering if anyone else enjoys collecting unique sets. I have a couple of sets including...

- A very nice pewter set stylised with heavy Christian themes given to me by my nan. I'm not religious myself but I'm a fan of the imagery and its my nicest set I own. Unfortunately it's age causes pieces to chip if they touch one another too hard which is why I have the whole thing wrapped in tissue paper in my cupboard. I hope to have a display case for them once I have my own place.

- A plastic set of the Harry Potter chess pieces I got one Christmas in high school which served as my main set for many years.

- A set themed like Qin Dynasty China. The pieces are very nice, one side is brown/red wood and the other is a white imitation terracotta. The set turned out to be much smaller than I anticipated but its still very nice to look at.

-And of course the basic classic style chess set that we took with us everywhere when we went camping.

I plan to buy others of course. One very unfortunate thing that happened was I came across the most magnificent chess set I have ever seen at a Jewellery Store before I was working and thus couldn't afford it. It was incredibly detailed with one side made to look like Romans and the other side like Egyptians. I have yet to see it again.

I also hope to get a nice set of Xiangqin "Chinese Chess". Though I'm looking into one where the pieces look like what they represent. Traditionally Xiangqin plays with checker pieces with Chinese characters on them but I too often forget what character represents what. It's very fun though, think of it as Chess but the pieces all have different move sets. Plus it's got Cannons, Elephants and Chariots :D

So anyone else want to share their collections, or sets they've been eyeing?

30-01-2015, 01:27
Highly interesting stuff. Say, would you think that chess set collectors would be interested in painted figures then? Or is it more about nice figures in top quality materials?

Khaines Wrath
30-01-2015, 02:17
I'd say there's definitely value to hand painted. I've actually considered making chess sets with warhammer miniatures but I think if I started I'd end up with one for each army :D

All in all I think it's a subjective topic. I really love wooden and stone chess sets but I don't particularly like metal sets for some reason, I also don't really like the some of the hyper modern sets. So yes I'm sure there are collectors out there that would love hand painted sets, depending on the quality of the work.