View Full Version : New Skyhook Retrieval boat pictures (Assembled and painted)

28-06-2006, 18:39
Well, here are pictures of the final painted product:




I reckon its ok, but they could have done a better job of making it not look like its built out of cardboard boxes.


28-06-2006, 19:21
Not too impressed. But the price is two for 20 each. Hmmm. That's pretty good.

The Mongoose forums had the Viking preview too:


28-06-2006, 20:10
I had high hopes :( The viking does look nice though.

Rabid Bunny 666
28-06-2006, 22:23
A bit plain, but it'll do i guess.

28-06-2006, 22:50
I quite like it. Apparently the image of the Skyhook is the resin prototype- the real thing is supposed to have a clear canopy.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
29-06-2006, 00:40
*****, quite frankly.

It's boxy, has little to no detail, and is seemingly in even worse scale to the troops than Rhinos and Space Marines!

But then, I might just be a fussy git. The only SST I like are the more basic bugs!

29-06-2006, 14:56
I don't know it looks like its at the same scale as it was in the film to be honest.

05-07-2006, 03:16
I thought it was 40 quid for the one... hmm if its 20 quid for one, then meh ill buy one and kit bash it

05-07-2006, 04:54
You know, I've been to a paintball field in Los Angeles that has the a lot of things from the Starship Troopers movie, including one of those drop ships. And actually, that thing is nothing more than a cargo container with a some wings and a cockpit attached. But definitely much bigger in comparison to a person.

05-07-2006, 08:00
They both look like cheap made-in-china plastic toys I can get in the local "everything for £0.99" shop :eyebrows:

05-07-2006, 22:08
I like the look of the viking alot.

One day I might start a collection of this

21-07-2006, 00:47
Hmmm, looks fairly poor. But then most Mongoose models look _a lot_ worse in pictuures than they do in real life... Maybe this is another case of 'Mongoose Syndrome' ;)

21-07-2006, 16:48
It's supposed to come with a clear canopy and detailed cockpit w/ female pilot i've heard..
And i think it's he mongoose syndrome with the pics here too.
Once you get a feel for their minis it gets easier to appreciate what they will look like irl..

Btw, SST is 30mm, a human is taller than a marine, so it's probaly a fairly big kit:)

The Judge
02-08-2006, 16:24
Viking looks nice, and I'm sure the dropship will look better with a clear canopy... and a better paintjob.