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fairy drowner
24-03-2015, 17:57

So i have a tournament coming up (after a while of not playing and seeing as the rules have changed) was just wandering which army/armies you guys think are the best for small point tournaments e.g 500-1k pts to see which armies i might have to be weary of ;)

(p.s i am very competitive)

24-03-2015, 18:29
Daemons, Eldar, anyone who can ally a knight.

at 500pt the WAAC name of the game is bring one insane unit and stomp on everything. FMCs like Fateweaver or Belakor could easily take out a 500pt army on their own. At 1K you start to see death stars and MSU. Either people will try to kill it all, or take all the objectives. At 1000pt I could have a brass scorpion on the table, wtf are you going to do about it?

We need rules for the tournament. Is it everything goes? If so, unbound is what you need to watch out for. My last tourney was everything goes. top 2 were unbound IG and unbound knights, then I was 3rd with a brass scorpion+daemons, 4th was CAD eldar.

fairy drowner
24-03-2015, 18:40
Hi thanks!

the rules are 1 hq 2 troops and the 1 fast attack OR 1 heavy support but not both

it is 600 pts