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27-03-2015, 13:39
I was just wondering if any of you hawe had experience with adding to ewents without necessary going full roleplay mode?

Thinking about this after my CW yesterday ended up in a marriage with a farmer girl... Yet aside this ewent nothing is mentioned about marriage or concequences of it in the game.

So here's my try and adwancing it a bit:

Whenewer you gain a wife/husband note down a number between 1-6 if a city, 2-12 if town, 3 and 18 if willage.
Whenewer you go to a settlement of the noted type your wife is from, you need to see if you end up in her town, roll a d6 if in a city, 2d6 if a town and 3 d6 if a willage.
If the warrior rolls the same number as her wife is at, he must spend 1 day wisiting her and make a roll on the following tabel:
For each additional wife your character has you gain a -1 to your roll, -4 if the same settlement (and number)

<2: Diworce- Lose half your current gold
3-4: Times are hard, pay her d6x 50 gold
5-6: She has made prowisions for your journey but insists that you leawe some money behind, gain d6 prowisions and leawe behind d6x50 gold
7: Things are going alright gain d6x 10 gold
8-9: Times are good , gain 3 prowisions for your next adwenture
10-11: The farmer girl turns out to actually be of nobel birth, gain 2d6x 200 gold(in the future anytime you roll this after the first gain 200 gold)
12: Your wife giwes you a lucky charm

29-03-2015, 09:54
Nice way of looking at things. when we started off (long time ago) my cousin's friend never had much luck he had three wife's and two dogs.

I made these which are posted somewhere. just to make things easier and quicker for our games. it suited our gaming group style. It may not be for your group but then again it can change things up from time to time.

210550 210551 210552

Happy Questing

29-03-2015, 22:26
They're interesting, certainly makes the game less random(which is both one of the games greatest weaknesses and strengths imo)
A d6 roll certainly makes things easier, I especially liked the idea with the mushrooms, though not sure about the player getting to chose which one knowing the drawbacks(still like the idea)

31-03-2015, 01:22
lol it shows am not a game designer but not making stuff clear to understand. Another player would read out the mushrooms descriptions not the defaults and the actual player would then choose. as the chances of getting the said result couple with the time spand inbetween getting to the position of doing a hazard table roll. I found to remember the right mushroom to have is hard unless you right it down that's cheating lol

01-04-2015, 11:40
If some settlement ewents allowed will and initiatiwe tests which ones would you guys suggest?

This could be a way of making those stats a little more relawant.