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05-04-2015, 09:43
Guess i might aswell make a thread like this instead of a new one ewerytime we encounter something we're uncertain about.

1)Do any of the items on the magic items list count as weapons or armor? In particular the magical arrow and Gauntlet?
Related to the abowe, can the Wardancer or wizard use the gauntlet(66 on mi list).
2)Can you use a weapon with the gauntlet or do you punch with it?

A little about our most recent adwenture:

Last night we quested with our healing options being ressurection and 5 bandages(lwl 1 tabel)
Our characters: lwl 1: Wardancer, Dwarf & Wizard, Lwl 2: Chaos warrior(played the CW and Dwarf, the dwarf being my secondary character in case the CW ends up wrong)
We ended in a dungeon consisting of a T junction, well of doom and 5 passageways before we had to backtrack and leawe the dungeon for our surwiwal, by the time the game was ower we had been through all but one of the ewent cards.(Nurgles rot, Dying orc with a key, traps, lost gold and monsters(13 Skeletons, 3 Centaurs, 4 Dark Elwes, x(5?) zombies, 6 Stormwermin, 14 giant rats, 7 hobgoblins, 3 Beastmen I beliewe was what we encountered.
All Bandages were use 4-5 of them were used on the Wardancer so he must hawe been a mummy by the end :P luckily ewen though 4 of the 5 bandages only worked 50/50 due to being used on a downed character they didn't fail once.
We got to a town where the wardancer went out to the WE troup, the Wizard went to lwl up, the Dwarf went to the fighting school and the chaos warrior to the armorer(1 cursed zombie had broken his leatherhelmet ewen after a reroll)
We planed to stay there 10 days, after day 2 the apparently popular with the ladies CW had to leawe Town or risk getting merried again(this is after his third adwenture he's encountered where prewiously had had also encountered this so joking with him being the popular odd guy)
At the armorer he found and bought a warhelm(giwing him a total T of 8) and after failing to find the fighting school the cw with 70 gold decided to leawe town. The Dwarf gained an extra wound at the fighting school, bought an open helm at the armorer and left town after being down to about 29 gold. The Wiz tried to find the wizards tower to get his staff recharged, but failed and got i'll ending our time in town with the return of the wardancer who spend 1 day in town(can't remember what he looked for) He had been out on a wild hunt and had made his weapons magical, in town he found a hot spring which gawe him an additional wound.

07-04-2015, 08:51
Sounds like you're having a load of fun Chain, would be smashing to see some photographs of your characters and your game. :-)

07-04-2015, 11:00
Ahoy Chain.
All of the weapons and armour from the magic items tables count as weapons or armour. Meaning, you can not layer them with other armour, or wield more than one weapon at a time unless you have a skill that says otherwise(the trollslayer skill ambidextrous comes to mind, but I would not let him use two magical weapons at once.).
If you are referring to the gauntlets of dhamzar, they most certainly are weapons. You strike with a fist when you use them, so can't use a weapon in the same hand.
The magical arrows are special ammunition. Just discard the. After you shoot them.

The way I handle this is....
You can carry as much as you like, but can only use a weapon in each hand, or a weapon and a shield, or a two handed weapon, or a pistol and a shield, or a pistol and a one handed weapon.
If you are using a magical weapon, you may only use one at a time. And you must say so before you roll to hit with an attack.
It is perfectly acceptable to use a different weapon for different attacks as long as you say so before rolling to hit, otherwise it is assumed you are using a normal sword or axe.

07-04-2015, 18:34
One day perhaps, but atm we're playing mostly unpainted models or models painted years ago(There has been an inside joke that perhaps one day well start painting together in the group, it's unlikely but not unthinkable)

My main issue with this is why make a seperate list for magic weapons and armor and then place the gauntlets under magic items instead of under magic weapons and armor... The way that makes some sense to me is if it's like "ring of protection"(or what now the name of the ring is that grant additional Toughness) It's an alternatiwe way of getting the bonus, so used as a weapon or armor but without counting as a weapon or armor(like in DND where a sorcerer can get armor from wearing magical bracelets)(Fair you use one or the other, and not combine weapon and gauntlet, makes their walue more understandable)
Would you allow a Wardancer to use the gauntlets?

08-04-2015, 23:25
If have to check, but I'm fairly sure the Wardancer can't use them. He can use a variety of weapons, but there is a loss of his special skills if he uses anything other than his swords of Orion, so no dance of death, and no special deathblow.

I usually play a Wardancer, and a magic weapon has to be REALLY special,to get me to use it instead of my swords of Orion.

09-04-2015, 17:01
Haha you guys sound like the total opposite of our group, we usually just paint together and joke that maybe one day we'll play together too :P

11-04-2015, 03:01
We'we had another game today this time we were a dwarf,elf,wiz and wardancer in the party, after going to the settlement the dwarf and Elf went lwl up to lwl 2.(playing the dwarf)
A question came up though.

Q: If a warrior got something saying "ignore 1 blow" when is he to decide to use it?
Is it after the to hit roll or after the to wound roll?
I argue it's after the to hit roll, while the rest of the party argued for the after to wound roll.

Q: May the elf attempt a dodge roll before deciding if he use the "ignore 1 blow" ?

11-04-2015, 05:18
Me personally, it is after the hit roll with both dodge and ignore. waiting for result to decide that's cheating in my opinion when playing any game. if it does 1 wound thats fine I can take it, but if it does 10 wounds ignore! dodge! ignore!

Happy Questing

11-04-2015, 14:50
My rule is, actions must be declared before the damage is rolled for. Will allow the first few times that the character uses the new ability,if they had forgotten that they had the skill.

10-07-2015, 23:44
Thanks for the feedback both of you :)

We just had a quest again today, been some time since last time.
We cut the objective room when a secret door turned up with an objective room and a event offered us the chance of 750 gold each.
We fought against Ogres, Chaos Warriors, Minotaurs, Nurglings, Bloodletters, Ghouls and Goblins (with a boss) this time.

We each decided to go lvl up after the dungeon so we now got 2 lvl 4 and 2 lvl 3 characters.
My own character (Chaos warrior) got a mixed feeling about this lvl up my result was a 1 and a 5 so 3 attributes and 1 artifact, earlier he went praying and lost his arcane knowledge for uncarney resemblance to the elf in the party.
The lvl attributes were alright Frenzy, Insubstantial & Telepathy. I was really looking forwards to rolling on the artifact list not having gained an artifact the past 4-5 times we've played was really disappointed to gain "Bewitched blade" mostly for the lost artifact option.(My main weapons before this wass a regular warhammer and shreiking blade)

How do you guys usually deal with this weapon?
Any chance of gaining a new artifact once the curse has been lifted?

24-08-2015, 07:58
We're now level 6
Mostly satisfied with what i got this time from the chaos gods, I got a "blade of disenchantment" & "Regeneration" as well as a chararistics increase which unfortunately was +2 w(so now i got 37 3 more than our barbarian), I really really badly need to get something offensive since for max dmg i am to use my battleaxe or warhammer with my S3(5) and A1(3 when frenzied)
Also recently became an alkoholic after visiting the chaos temple.

Question time:
Can the Chaos warrior throw spears and throwing axes?
He doesn't want to use missile weapons, but he can use these in close combat, and given his BS could be pretty good at using them.

As for our latest quest:
We named the theme of the quest after play as usual depending on what we encountered, this time it was "movement penalty" with us meeting Gorgons twice, beasts of nurgle once, Coocatric once and the drop from the first set of gorgons being +1 M boots :P