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09-04-2015, 16:18
Since I'm getting fairly close to completing the lvl 1 encounter table, I figure it's about time I share my efforts on here. You guys are such an inspiration, I gotta give something back.

I'll get a proper gallery together somewhere later on, but how about we start with some heroes?

Original Gangstas (and bonus friends)
I don't think I've ever seen anyone else make a wardancer from the witch elf? Seemed like an obvious conversion to me, and I do like to get some equal representation going.

So how about this: Let's see how far my luck holds out. Someone roll a lvl 1 monster encounter. If I don't have it finished, I'll show where I'm at with it and show off some bonus minis. If anyone's interested in playing? :cool:

09-04-2015, 23:09
Noone? Well you're getting some monsters wether you want 'em or not.
(using Bobthebobish's revised version)

Starting from the top, for lack of contestants.
12. d3 ogres. Boom.

09-04-2015, 23:35
Super sweet work! Looking sharp on the round bases too. Damn gotta get my hands on some quest one of these days, im just in to deep with necromunda at the moment!

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10-04-2015, 04:18
"No one? Well you're getting some monsters wither you want 'em or not."

Your gonna have to be patient with this forum Bloodbane as a lot of people on here will contribute when they can, just not always at the same time, different parts of the world. For me two young kids lol. Very nice paint work on the characters really like the blues in the wizard. The elf model is hard to comeby but like you said a automatic choice for a wardancer. The ogres are very characterful and i'll bite...

The dice echo down the corridor lit by candle light, the rolled is 32 - Zombies, another dice roll - 4 quantity

Happy Questing

10-04-2015, 08:35
Thanks, man! Yea, I was hoping to get away with being lazy and just snap a pic of the one encounter someone called for. In the end I photographed everything playable. So:


What the heck, let's make it a little more interesting. Lead by a vile Necromancer!

10-04-2015, 13:41
I adore those Ogres. Are they classic GW ones or from another company?

Also, is the background a 3D dungeon or just some Warhammer scenery?

Anyway, keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more from you.

PS I rollled a 15 - Snotlings

10-04-2015, 14:35
Ohhh very nice looking models. Like the Ogres a lot. Can't wait to see more.

Ok my roll on the normal level 1 monsters table is a 65 Minotaurs. Hmmmm was hoping for a 64 Centaurs. :)

10-04-2015, 15:38
Good stuff Bloodsbane, all looking good. Like the look of the dungeon/terrain, all dark and realistic :)
I rolled 16 on the original table, giving Giant Bats :D

10-04-2015, 16:01
Thanks guys!

Snotlings! I have no idea how I amassed such a collection of snotlings, they've just always been there, scattered in bits boxes, awaiting their day to shine.

Minotaurs. Good thing you didn't roll centaurs, I don't even know what models I'll use for that.

The bats are a jackpot, all playable critters in one shot!

The background isn't a playable dungeon, it's 3 pieces of scenery stacked together. Works for this purpose though :)

10-04-2015, 20:22
All looking spot on to me bloodsbane, and the terrain is a smashing backdrop :-) Look forward to seeing more.

11-04-2015, 14:56
Ha Ha that's the reason I wanted to see Centaurs. Having to build my own from various kits myself.

Nice Minotaurs the one in the middle looks terrifying.

12-04-2015, 11:00
Great paint jobs Bloodbane.
How large are the bases on the minotaurs?(Ogre size or smaller?)

Is it possible to see the Dwarf on the last page from another angle?

Shas'El Tael
13-04-2015, 04:44
Ooh very nice.. that black spider is particularly creepy. The wardancer idea is inspired and now you have me trawling eBay again..:)

Also, second the Ogre comments - those peices are great models for the part.

13-04-2015, 07:07
Thanks guys! All 3 ogres are old GW models, early 90's I think, sculpted by the Perry brothers. They're on 30mm bases, same with 2 of the minotaurs.

I do indeed have another angle of the dwarf, with him fighting some Stormvermin!

And wherever the Council's stormtroops are, there are sure to be more of the verminkin scuttering about

17-04-2015, 03:01
Like the poses of those Stormvermin. Dwarf looks great too.

17-04-2015, 03:28
I do indeed have another angle of the dwarf, with him fighting some Stormvermin!


Very cool stormvermin, and the are the zombies part mantic part games-workshop?

Cap'n Facebeard
17-04-2015, 07:13
This is great, I particularly like the Witch Elf as the Wardancer (I assume).

18-06-2015, 14:00
This is a cool thread, liking your painting skillz very much. Keep them coming! Sadly I don't have dice handy.