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dark angel
01-07-2006, 19:31

ive seen many preferences to "iron wing" and i was wondering what is it and were can i find the rules

01-07-2006, 19:45
Do you ever use Google (http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/CH01_01CoU_00.html)? :rolleyes:

Brother Othorio
01-07-2006, 20:24
Do you ever use Google (http://fortressofunforgiven.homestead.com/CH01_01CoU_00.html)? :rolleyes: one of the drawbacks of google however is that it doesnt differentiate between canon and fanfluff

the only canon mention of IronWing that i have ever seen was the (EPIC)Horus Heresy Space Marine Regiment army list in White Dwarf 126, wherein it stated that the first battalion of every Dark Angel Regiment* had a Deathwing company, an Ironwing company and a Ravenwing company.

Ironwing vanished from the canon presumably because it was pretty redundant: contrary to popular believe it wasnt an all-tank unit, instead it was made up of everything that wasnt already taken by Deathwing (then comprised Terminators AND Assault and Devastators) and Ravenwing (then as now fast attack) ~ it could be fielded entirely as a footslogging tactical company if the player so wished

*= at maximum strength 9 line companies + 6 companies-worth of battalion and regimental assets, basically a 'chapter' in modern speak

01-07-2006, 20:26
Either way, said site is useful. Canon or otherwise (this was the first place I came across Ironwing a few years back)

Captain Stuart
01-07-2006, 20:41
Thanks to Brother Othorio here's the specific game units available a the time.
0-3 tactical detachments
0-1 support weapons detachment
0-1 dreadnought detachment
0-1 robot detachment
0-3 armored detachments
0-1 ordinatus detachments

Background thread anybody?