View Full Version : ACTA B5: Civil War Participation Game

Wing Commander
02-07-2006, 15:53
ID Gaming, in St. Helens are hosting a massive participation game next Saturday. It is an Earth Alliance Civil war game, Clarke vs Sheridan and they're inviting as many and all players to come along and join in.
They have a mighty 24ft x 4ft space table that they're hoping to fill with ships; so far they have 200 or so ships and 150 fighter bases coming along. They are looking to have even more if they can find the players. If you have ships, bring 'em along; it is Earthforce vs Earthforce but the Armies of light have Centauri, non aligned, Narn, Minbari, White Stars, etc and Clarke has Shadow Omegas so pretty much everybody is welcome.
If you're not busy, come along!