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02-07-2006, 15:57
ok, ive seen alot of the confrontation minis in the painting and terraining threads and all the models are great, so i plan to start the game. ive already had myself an into game, so i've decided to play the lions of alhan.

the question i have is: what is the lions of alhan's best starter box? because it seems like wolfen have The Predators of Blood as a starter box and dirz have The Sentinels of Danakil, so basically what is the lions of alhan equivalent?


02-07-2006, 19:18
Something close to the Guards of Kaiber box the royal guard of Doriman, the lion warstaff will do you though IIRC they are more of troop based set as opposed to the predators which is a more character based selection

I dont believe the lions ever had a starter

02-07-2006, 20:54
the lions of alahan never had a starter boxed set.
the ones that are around were brought out for the introduction of the 3rd edition rules.

have a chat to arcane miniatures, they are very helpfull.

they will be able to give you excellent advice based upon how much you want to spend and what figures in the alahan range you like.

Brush your teeth
02-07-2006, 21:44
ok, thanks for the help, ive dropped the guys at arcane mini's an email. all i need to do now is wait for a reply.

03-07-2006, 05:10
You know they have an english forum, right? Those guys could certainly help.

If you are playing confrontation (small scale) as opposed to ragnarock (big battles) I could help you out, a bit.

Id start with something like this:




I think there is a character in the royal guards box, and that should be somewhere in the 200-400 point range. I used to play confrontation all the time with 400-500 point lists...trust me, it doenst sound like a lot, but a 500 point game will take some serious time...like a 1500 point 40k game.


03-07-2006, 06:19
I totally need to get started on my ophidian force

03-07-2006, 17:24
The Baron of Doriman in the Royal Guards box is like 330 points all by himself. You'll want to pick up one of the character blisters Like Alahel the Messenger to give yourself some command.

The troop Boxes are generally more geared toward Playabilty in Ragnarok than in Confrontation.

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03-07-2006, 17:28
ok, well i got myself the war-staff of alhan box this morning. also got a reply from arcane miniatures.

so thyeve set me up a list of what to buy (war staff werent in it but the models rock all the same) so ill get what i was advised my arcane mini's and start playing

thanks for the help

04-07-2006, 01:34
[QUOTE=erion]The Baron of Doriman in the Royal Guards box is like 330 points all by himself. You'll want to pick up one of the character blisters Like Alahel the Messenger to give yourself some command.

Cripes, my bad. I just assumed the character would be remotely usable...330 point characters...worthless.

Alahel is a great character, btw...I almost recommended him but then assumed (wrongly) that the royal guard guy might be usable in confrontation.

Thanks for fixing my error, Erion.


09-07-2006, 13:01
They're not worthleess. You just have to either be playing ragnarok as well, or really want to paint him.

The Guards are nice, though.

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09-07-2006, 13:17

You want the warstaff box, and nothing else for now.

A warstaff is absolutely necessary for the DIS bonus. The warstaff box is great because it includes a cheap character with Leadership, the 'staff itself and especially in the case of Alahan, some useful basic troopers (they're in fact not the most basic version, but Alahan are the only force for whom the Veteran version of those troops are better). In this case, you'd get Agonn (great character), his warstaff (must-have, and no exaggeration) and three Kaïber Veterans (always give them the STR bonus weapon, and these guys are great).