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04-07-2015, 11:57
Ok so I've played a full game now with about 50-60 models per side.
Here's the report:
We decided to limit the game to 5 units/warscrolls.
Bob took the following:
1 Vampire Lord
1 Necromancer
40 skeletons
1 terrorgheist
15 blood knights
I took:
1 grey seer
1 hell pit abomination
20 storm vermin
1 rattling gun
16 plague monks
For deployment, he went first and my last unit was the plague monks.
I decided to deploy just 16 instead of more, so that I was outnumbered and get the sudden death victory condition... I chose the "survive till turn 6" one.
I played badly.... that's a given. I should have just completely castled in the corner. By turn 4 I had about 10 storm vermin left and we decided to call it. I didn't kill anything except a free terrorgheist that he summoned on turn 3.
Most of the actual movement, shooting and combat rules are kind of cool. I like about 80% of the game. Combats are interesting because of the order you choose to fight in. Pile in moves, mean you can support nearby units that get charged. There's quite a bit of potential for tactics. We didn't really use the retreat rule but it's kind of interesting too coz storm vermin for example can retreat and then charge in the same turn, potentially charging something else.
Deployment can be interesting because it there's a bit more choice to make since you can alter your army a bit while deploying. Also the way we split the table in half (coz you can do it in almost any way) really restricted the space.... so you'd run out of room to place models pretty quickly. We played on a 4x4 but you can play on a 3x3 which would limit it even more.
Special characters are beyond ****. They are flat out banned. Period. Nuked from orbit!
No balance and no maximum unit sizes is ****. We couldn't figure out how to possibly kill 15 blood knights because they are just plain ****. They caused something like 32 wounds on my plague monks when they charged. We ran the numbers, 10 of them charging Nagash kill him in one turn (feel free to check my maths).
Summoning is stupid. Undead and Deamons are disgusting. You can summon almost anything as long as you have one of those units alive. Bob summoned a terrorgheist. Which are still quite powerful. The worse thing is that I can only dispel if my wizard is within 18", so he can just sit at the back and freely summon every turn. Yes a terrogheist takes a roll of a 10 to summon, be he can attempt that with any of his caster heroes... which is almost all of them.
This is on top of all the units with standard bearers regenerating models each turn. The blood knights get 1 free 3 wound guy back each turn.
The sudden death rules don't look like they fix the problem, although I did play very badly and did pick a fairly weak list. I picked before reading anything. But I'm afraid that everything will devolve into some sort of weird arms race until one player runs out of models or space on the table.
I think that's how it's supposed to work, but it's just not practical.
The damage statistic so SOOO much more important than everything else. Doing D3 wounds or 2 wounds for every hit is absurd. Because most things hit and wound on 3s or 4s.... even with lots of attacks you end up killing only a few guys.
Eg. 16 plague monk attacks, killed 2 skeletons.
Eg. 28 blood knight attacks did 32 wounds to the plague monks.
Multiplied wounds are applied to the unit not to individual models so all the extra stuff spills over. So even though the knights are 3s by 3s, they do an average of 2.667 wounds from 3 attacks. This is before saves but my plague monks don't have one, and the knights are -1 anyway. Where as my monks get like 6 attacks on the charge, they hit and wound on 4s so end up with 1.5 wounds with no rending.
Battleshock is also broken because if I kill like 10 guys, that unit is basically going to lose 10 more at the end of combat. And undead are ****ed again here because EVERY UNIT has bravery 10 so you have to kill at least 5 before they even lose a single model to battleshock. And killing 5 blood knights is 15 wounds. Undead and I assume deamons actually crumble less than almost anything else in the game.
Some abilities let you ignore battleshock but it's usually only 1 target unit or range dependent.
Again, some interesting tactical options on paper... but in practice it just doesn't work
So yes, I picked terrible army and played badly and got completely stomped. However there's a lot of potential here to actually have a pretty cool game. Like I said before, I quite like about 80% of it.... The only problem is the other 20% absolutely breaks the game.
The only thing we could think of to balance things, is if any non-single wound unit is limited to the minimum unit size on it's warscroll. And you decide to play a set number of warscrolls. (which is kind of against the rules of keep deploying till you're done). And no special characters.
I haven't read enough of the different units to know if that's going to work for everything, but It might stuff up ogres, and those new stormcast guys who all have 2 wounds.
There's still rules missing. There's still things that are unclear or ambiguous. The fact that an FAQ is still required on day 1 is a bit fail.
magic greatly favours summoning or casters who are resilient like verminlords or dudes on dragons etc... 18" dispel means it's near impossible to stop a summoning wizard at the back of the table.
It would be ok if I could do some serious damage to the blood knights with magic, but it's so weak now that none of my spells can even kill a single knight on average. You'd need 50 wizards... and that goes back to the whole silly arms race deployment thing.
Heroes don't seem to have much impact (apart from summoning)... They can be good in theory but big monsters and large units of blood knights are just so much better.
I keep trying to get my head around how someone in the design office played a game or two and thought this was an ok and complete game.
I can only hope there's something more to come because right now.., it's basically on par with green army men on the kitchen table.
So much potential but so much either broken or missing.