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05-07-2015, 20:36
Given the advent of the apocalypse, I was wandering what the older of us thought was the best edition of Fantasy, and why?

A lost of people seemed to like 6th and 7th, but didn't like the 'Herohammer' of 4th and 5th. I don't know any earlier.

But then again 8th edition seemed to have a lot of fans.

All thoughts appreciated.

05-07-2015, 21:03
Theres already post about this called: now that fantasy is over...

Its down a couple of pages.

05-07-2015, 21:08
6th was great, the change to emphasising core troops over characters was refreshing. I didn't really get on with 8th, the terrain rules were just bizarre.

05-07-2015, 21:44
Loved 6th and hated 8th. Random charges annoyed me so much as a Bretonnian player.

05-07-2015, 21:56
I really liked the 8. Edition.

Just some tweaks would make it perfect.

Nerf Cannons and Magic.
Make 3++ reroll on 1s impossible.
Merge the Riders and the Mount like Pegasi. Riding a Dragon is cool but not if its a one shot by a Cannon or Standard units love attacking the Dragon because the Rider is much Harder then the mount.
Give Skaven a new Army book.. because the old one is too good :)

06-07-2015, 00:51
6th and early 7th had my favourite army books by far - so characterful and full of atmosphere, reading through them is a real treat and they inspire me far more than any of the 8th edition ones.

For core rules I'm undecided. There are parts I like about both 8th (units acting with 2 ranks, pre-measuring, a lore of life spell that actually heals common troops) and 6th (pseudo-Always Strikes First on the charge, the importance of terrain, the rules for skirmishers). I haven't read through the 7th edition core rules, but from what I hear they're fairly similar to 6th, so I'd imagine what I like and dislike about 6th would mostly apply there as well.

06-07-2015, 00:59
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but 7th edition had the VC with Bloodlines done right. My Blood Dragon Lord had +2 WS and -1 Magic IIRC and you could build your lord to reflect a Bloodline if you wanted. Made the lore purist in me beyond happy.

06-07-2015, 01:08
8th was garbage compared to 6th and 7th. Those were the high water marks of this game. VC and OG were my favorites, as well as the Brets. MSU was a ton of fun with HE and DE. Intrigue at Court was probably one of the dumbest rules ever though. It was dumber than anything in AoS mayhap.

06-07-2015, 01:33
I've been playing over 20 years and I have to say 8th. In part because it could have been a GREAT edition with some tweaks, which is what I was hoping 9th would bring about. Alas...

06-07-2015, 01:56
I liked herohammer at the time, it made it easier to play the game as you needed fewer models. And since I was 14, that was a big bonus. I also liked 5th, and I didn't mind 6th. I didn't play 7th (not because I didn't like it, I just wasn't wargaming at the time), and I like everything about 8th except the way the magic system can sometimes just end the game.

The versions were definitely different in theme, but they were all fun separately. I think 8th was one public beta test (the way Mantic does) away from being perfect though, as far as the base rules go. Both heroes and line troops are useful, the systems flow pretty well. Some of the army books weren't very good, but overall its a great game.

06-07-2015, 01:59
My favorite was 8th. My second favorite 6th. I hated 5th and I disliked 7th.

06-07-2015, 03:08
6th Edition was my jam. It's also when I started, but rose-tinted glass aside, I'm still seeing rose-tint when I look at my old rulebook.

06-07-2015, 04:57
Started in 4th, my favorite is 8th by far.

A far more strategic game than prior editions, also the most balanced. Battles feel like battles now, a large combat involving multiple regiments in 8th has a suitable casualty count.

8th has formed the perfect basis for Chillhammer which removes/solves all the issues I had with 8th.

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06-07-2015, 05:04
8th was the best. Only thing about 8th that was bad was the magic. Otherwise, a great system.

06-07-2015, 05:09
6th was the best imo. It was ironclad and rewarded you for movement and knowing your measurements, also the armybooks of that era were well balanced imo. 7th sucked hard cause of daemons and I disliked 8th solely cause it pushed you to build bigger blocks/buy more and the randomness.