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09-07-2015, 14:39
Hey gents,
I am not sure what to think about AOS. I read the rules. I read the warscrolls for dark elves. I still am wrapping my heads around what works and what units have some synergy. If some folks could give me some constructive advice about creating a pretty small list from what I have (and some small purchases I would appreciate it).

So I have
Sorceress on Cold one
Lord on cold one
25 warriors with sword and shield
10 Spearmen
5 warlocks
12-13 witches, a cauldron conversion and Hellbron

I was thinking of getting rid of the spearmen, it seems like you do want to have larger units of small wound models right? And I am not real impressed with the spearmen. My initial thoughts were to get a few more witches, are they pretty good? I like cold one knight models, do they go well with the warriors and witches on foot, or should I go for a dragon lord (sorceress)? Dark Elf magic doesnt seem that great to me either. Should I trade in the warlocks for Dark Riders? Should I ditch everything?

Any advice would be appreciated.

10-07-2015, 01:58
Sorry dude but really how do we give advice on a list for Age of Sigmar. There's no restrictions or point values to base any decisions on. Your opponent could literally bring anything or a single piece of terrain like others have already pointed out.

I'm not trying to be negative here. Its just that there is no structure to start from.

10-07-2015, 09:40
Who are you playing, and what are they bringing? These are the questions you need to answer before you field anything. What you have is a good starting point (diverse model types, a good selection of heroes), but the game depends on what your opponent will field to match what you are intending to field.

As long as your opponent has a collection that can field a decent army to match - so, a wizard, lord guy, another hero to augment the force (to match the assassin for equal character count), some cavalry (possibly a caster, since the warlock unit is also a wizard), a larger infantry block and a couple smaller, more elite ones. Alternately, he could rock a unit of monster infantry or a monster of roughly equal wounds as one of the smaller blocks, which would present a good challenge to them.

Really, AoS requires give and take between you and your opponent before the game. With that many wizards and characters on the field, you could make a good scenario for your game as well, perhaps concerning retrieving an artifact or something that augments spellcasting - or put a few magic-augmenting terrain pieces on the board (or magic-reducing things, which would also be neat).

AoS isn't a game about list-building for maximum potency before the game starts, unlike 8th edition. It's about making a good game happen when you meet your opponent at the table.

It's worth noting, by the way, that Cav are super strong because of how far they can move - many cav units can get a first-turn charge off. Make sure both you and your opponent realize this before you play!

In terms of acquisitions, literally buy what you think would be cool to play with. There's no longer any consideration of 'this model is cool-looking but it costs too much to field' or 'these are too weak compared to this other unit for their cost' - literally buy and play with what you think is awesome.

*edit - I would actually consider picking up some units with ranged attacks - maybe some corsairs or those stalker guys, or even a ballista. It's good to have the option of fielding an army that can operate in every phase of the game - though not strictly essential, depending on what your opponent is fielding. The ballista is good for taking down monsters and multi-wound models, though, so I'd get one if you're keen on doing that sort of thing. :D

15-07-2015, 01:08

Some good thoughts here (and appreciated), however, I do think in some areas you are a bit off.

GW has shown me in its most recent actions, they don't care about player base or keeping vet's happy. Now, if all the models were free, sure I would just pick and choose whatever I wanted, but they aren't. So unlike others, I am not going to roll up with 3000 pts of stuff and just counter what my opponents sets on the table. That's really what GW wants with this venture. They want you to scale up your collection, not scale down. And if you don't see the writing on the wall, they also want you to collect every realms book they publish (for the additional formation rules for your models and those of your opponents) etc. I'm not playing that game with them, with their track record, if this experiment fails, they will drop AOS quicker than they did Fantasy.

So what I am doing is scaling down my collection. Models are money. Models sitting in an empty cabinet is a waste of money. So really what I am trying to do, is keep a small portion of my army that has some decent synergy and trade away/sell the rest. So, if I want to play AOS- I can. If I don't, well it isn't alot of funds that are wasting away in my basement, see what I am getting at?

I do have some witch elves, and I think the models are great, so I am keeping them, but I probably need to bump the size to 20 (as I just have 10). I also have a converted Cauldron (and that seems to work well with them). I also have 5 warlocks and 10 cold one knights. Again, those models are great. I have 35 warriors which I think I am going to dump along with some of my other hero models etc. None of the hero models for the dark elves really strike me as big winners, except like the lord on dragon and I am not willing to purchase it. By making the models, armies to come a mystery, GW has kept the door open for people to purchase old models, however I am very skeptical that in the end, those models will be lackluster, so I don't want to spend any more money on existing models.

20-07-2015, 22:44
It looks like you have a rather nice collection for smaller games as it is. Those 10 spearmen could be used to hold a backfield objective, for instance. Although it sure wouldn't hurt to have some missiles to snipe out annoying characters and softening up units before the battleshock tests. But you do have your sorc and warlocks for that. Also, dont underestimate your warlocks, they can pretty easily dish out a few mortal wound each turn from a distance, pinpointing multiwound targets to take them out, or buff themselves with armour before charging in.

10-08-2015, 06:09
Bring a Hydra, they're so OP.

06-09-2015, 12:44
Things that are really good are
Executioners - for dealing damage
Cold One Knights for soaking up attacks and not taking damage
Warlocks - 2 units of 5 is great as you can cast 2 lots of mystic shield
Malekith - he literally has no downside at all
Hydra - for being a resilient damage dealing beast

In General the army has moved from a shooty avoidance one to a magic and combat one