View Full Version : 100 Wound Chaos Daemon List.

Hell's Angel
10-07-2015, 20:10
I have not played fantasy in so long I actually sold all my beastmen and mortals of chaos armies. I am kinda handicapped by the models I have, that being said here are the models I can field.

Lord Of Change
Keeper of Secrets

2 units of 10 flamers
10 Screamers of Tzeench
2 Fiends of Slaanesh.

Total wounds 98.

I am considering buying another fiend and dropping one of the flamer units to 9... *Shrug*

10-07-2015, 20:28
Not looking to make any friends then ;)

Hell's Angel
10-07-2015, 20:56
Not looking to make any friends then ;)

Is it an OP list? I thought that many flamers might be... But doesnt it work like I put that down then they put down stuff to counter, like war machines?

10-07-2015, 21:02
I've not played with them yet but looking at the Flamers stats they seem super good. Two units of four is probably good enough, any more than that I recon would be overkill at 100w.

Who knows, play someone and let us know if they killed anything of yours. :p

Hell's Angel
10-07-2015, 21:06
10 flamers=30 shots and 15 hits. Out of this 10 wounds, and the d3 average is 20 wounds before saves. Most units will save half, so thats 10 wounds x2 =20 unsaved wounds per turn on average for every turn the flamers can shoot. With a 18 inch range they can be potentially charged by any unit that is fairly mobile. So wouldnt that mean I would have to focus on chariots and mounted troops? (in addition any warmachines would probably be focusing on the flamers while they are unengaged.) I dunno... The Screamers are delagated to monster/large unit blocking and the fiends chariot blocking... I also dont have a 'huge' amount of magic for a daemon army, right? This new system is kinda confusing...