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11-07-2015, 01:41
Hi guys,

I've been thinking about AoS deployment and army building tactics. I've seen a few people saying that the key to deployment is to place drops that counter the drops your opponent makes, like a kind of "warhammer: connect 4"- if he drops a monster, I put a cannon, if he puts chaos warriors down I put Waywatchers, etc etc.

I'm considering an alternative method for on-the-fly Listbuilding and deployment: Non-reactive synergy. Which is basically a flash way of saying, pre-plan a number of synergies going into the game, and know how many drops you need to bring each one into play. So, for instance, a wood elf army might have a 3-drop synergy of Durthu, a Branchwraith, and 6 treekin. Durthu can create wildwoods, into which the Branchwraith can spawn units of dryads. The treekin can shield the Branchwraith from attacks, while she in turn boosts their attacking power, and heals them if not summoning dryads.

I might also also plan a 5-drop synergy with Orion, some wild riders, war hawks, an eagle, and a mounted glade lord, for example.

My plan is to get one or both of these synergy builds onto the table. That requires me to get either a 3-drop, 5-drop, or 8-drop deployment onto the table, hopefully without giving my opponent a sudden-death opportunity. The synergy I need to prioritise might vary depending on what my opponent is bringing. If I'm pretty sure I can get all my drops down safely, then I will do so, but to be on the safe side I will deploy all of one synergy before I start on the next one. So against horde armies, I'll probably start with the 5-drop, because I've a good chance of getting it down. If, after that, my opponent has finished deploying, and I risk giving him sudden death, I will stop deploying. Otherwise, I move on to the 3-drop, being prepared to cut it short if need be.

Once I've got all the synergies I've planned down on the table, I will probably stop deploying, hopefully before my opponent has finished with his drops. If I can manage that, I might be able to force him to modify his plans to avoid giving me the sudden death.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts on how to handle Listbuilding and deployment in the new ruleset. Hopefully, some people will find my thoughts useful. If not, at least I've had fun rolling it around in my brain. Please feel free to let me know if this is useful/old news/ I'm being stupid, or if you have any refinements to offer. Cheers!

11-07-2015, 02:29
For the majority of players, and especially any actual NEW players coming into AoS without an extensive collection of Fantasy miniatures, your theory is about what we'll see. It will likely be a minority of people who will bother to bring a variety of models they weren't going to use when going somewhere to play a game.

11-07-2015, 14:33
I hadn't thought about it like that, but I like it. You can even consider throwing in some of the reactive element: I.e. bringing other models in case your main combos are vulnerable to something niche - like a sideboard of units, if you will.

12-07-2015, 04:51
To be honest the way I've been reading the rules (yet to play a game) synergy seems far more important than deployment reactions. I'm not dissmissing deployment reactions but so many of the warscrolls directly affect other warscrolls in your amy that it would be a handicap to ignore them. This is especially true with any hero and the hero phase in general.

Not to mention each army comes with 'formations' at the end of their book too.

Its Jack
12-07-2015, 10:06
I'm thinking of bringing Durthu, 2 Tree man Ancients, 2 tree men and a wood, then running them as a really weird avoidance list.

13-07-2015, 21:20
Good post man, love hearing wood elf strategies! My group already house-ruled points back but when I play vanilla AoS I'll try this out.


13-07-2015, 21:20
Good post man, love hearing wood elf strategies! My group already house-ruled points back but when I play vanilla AoS I'll try this out.


13-07-2015, 21:49
Glad you like it! Please let me know how it works out for you, I'm planing to work on it as I get new stuff painted. :-D

20-07-2015, 22:12
How does someone like Skarsnik work in AoS? I haven't checked the rules properly yet, but he's been a grey area in deployment rules since 6th edition (do they essentially have to tell you what units they're rolling for to see if they were held up, giving you perfect information on unit types you'll be facing? Or could be facing? Who knows, deployment might stop earlier. So what rolls get made? For all potential units?).

Even if AoS is just a pickup game, that's no reason to not theorycraft or powergame it :)

20-07-2015, 23:50
Skarsnik is different now, he doesn't mess with deployment.