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Buddy Bear
11-07-2015, 09:39
Some demos are going to be played up north, so I thought I'd give Age of Sigmar a chance with my Empire army. What do you think of my using the following models from my collection (Standard bearers and musicians are assumed in each unit)?

Karl Franz on Deathclaw - Ghal Maraz
Karl Franz on Deathclaw - Runefang (This is the old metal version)
Kurt Helborg (I'll make sure to grow out a mustache beforehand)
Balthasar Gelt, the Supreme Patriarch
Valten - Barded warhorse, full plate armor, Ghal Maraz
General of the Empire on Imperial Griffon - Runefang, Imperial Shield
Grand Master - Imperial Shield
6 Demigryph Knights - Lance and Sword
6 Demigryph Knights - Cavalry Halberd
14 Empire Knights - Cavalry Hammers
14 Reiksguard Knights
28 Empire Crossbowmen
28 Empire Handgunners
20 Empire Archers
21 Empire Greatswords
10 Empire Pistoliers
10 Empire Outriders
40 Empire State Troops - Halberds
40 Empire State Troops - Spears, Shields
40 Empire State Troops - Swords, Shields
Empire Master Engineer
Empire Master Engineer
Empire Cannon
Empire Cannon
Empire Cannon
Empire Mortar
Empire Helblaster Volley Gun
Empire Steam Tank
Empire Steam Tank
Volkmar the Grim (The War Altar of Sigmar)
Warrior Priest - Sigmarite Warhammer, Sigmarite Shield
Warrior Priest - Sigmarite Greathammer
30 Empire Flagellants Warband
Celestial Wizard (Celestial Hurricanum)
Empire Battle Wizard
Empire Battle Wizard
Empire Battle Wizard
Empire Battle Wizard
Amber Battle Wizard on Imperial Griffon
White Wizard (Luminark of Hysh)
Empire General on Warhorse - Fly (Pegasus)

11-07-2015, 15:46
Jeez... Bring on games that last 20 hours.

Buddy Bear
12-07-2015, 08:27
Well, I expect to be playing opponents who're using the starter forces from the Age of Sigmar box. Those Sigmarines look pretty tough, so I want to make sure that they're faced by sufficient firepower on my part. ;)

12-07-2015, 15:52
hmmm... after thoroughly analysing your list, I'd say it's good! just one minor tweak... replace all models with Karl Franz on Deathclaw's! then it should be a fair game!

16-07-2015, 16:12
Cant see any problems here! I`ll take my nurgle deamons army which never really got going and consists of -

10 plague bearers with full command.

According to the awesome age of sigmar we are good for a game..........

You`ll need to play like a beast to win this one.

18-07-2015, 01:16
Can you play 2 Karl Franz in AoS?

forseer of fates
18-07-2015, 02:22
You can do whatever you want. I hope you take pictures BB:)

19-07-2015, 19:05
You can do whatever you want. I hope you take pictures BB:)

I doubt we'll see any pictures since he's not really interested in playing AoS, apparently trolling is the way to spend time. But I must say I did chuckle :)

20-07-2015, 22:37
Yeah hah me too. But we all sure would chuckle some more if he actually did show up with photos of it :)

Buddy Bear
19-08-2015, 18:29
Oh, trust me, I'll play it. I've just been busy with home construction and haven't had time to play anything. I've already got a dwarf opponent interested in playing AOS lined up, though, and I'm getting a new table for home games. As soon as that's all set up I'll invite him over and unleash the full might of the Empire on him.