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11-07-2015, 13:02
My regular Skype opponent and I have been playing Fantasy Battle since 3rd Edition, and were pretty keen on 8th (and so the last few weeks have not been without grumbling)

Nonetheless, we thought we'd give Age of Sigmar a try, and set up a decent-sized battle between two of the army lists: Orruk Bonesplittas (Savage Orcs) vs Chaos Mortals (Chaos Warriors) (http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/battle-report-age-of-aosboot.html)

The experience of playing was a pleasant surprise, hope you enjoy reading the report.


15-07-2015, 21:02
Enjoyed the report and thoughts afterwards very much. Thanks for posting!

...time for some new models, though :D

16-07-2015, 21:17
That was a great read. I'm torn between picking up KoW or starting AoS. I think this and other Bat reps have me considering both equally now, when originally I was leaning more towards KoW.

Thank you for a well written and fun read.

17-07-2015, 13:02
I can't recall reading a more entertaining BR in a long time, great structured write up, nice blog you've got there too man.

19-07-2015, 22:03
Thanks for the kind words everyone, that means a lot. We usually post a couple of battle reports a month, so do keep watching if you're interested.

@DiaLogical - glad to hear you like the blog. Since my opponent and myself both like writing battle reports, we mostly use the IGO-UGO style of writing them up. It gives both of our perspectives, and we get it done in half the time!

@InstantKarma - I was thinking the same thing about AoS and/or KoW. I'll probably try out some more AoS, and fall back on 8th Ed for really big battles - maybe building a campaign of smaller skirmishes that ends in a huge fight, that may be a way to make them both work.

@Attilla - yeah, I have an old lead habit I need to cure - but at least *some* of my models were made in this century! :D

23-07-2015, 07:53
That was a great read. I'm torn between picking up KoW or starting AoS. I think this and other Bat reps have me considering both equally now, when originally I was leaning more towards KoW.

Thank you for a well written and fun read.

I have played both and for me I feel that they fit different niches, but that by and large I found AoS to be a more enjoyable experience.

Kings of War is quite clinical and fairly abstract in play. Premeasuring is allowed but there are no random aspects so a unit with movement 5 will always get the charge on a unit with movement 4, spells will always reach the target etc. Units either are in play or are destroyed (with an interim state of wavering) which means that you lose the attrition aspect. Flanking and rear charges are ridiculously potent so covering your flanks or getting into your opponents flanks are one of the key aspects of actually achieving a win rather than a draw. There are no psychology aspects - when you take losses you test against your nerve stat which can wipe out your unit but there is no other situation where this stat is used, and no ability to interact with this stat outside of doing damage. Shooting is pretty reasonable, but war machines are very swingy with the capacity for a little bit of luck influencing the outcome of the game rather dramatically. All in all the game is very... functional. It works and is clean and everything is consistent but it all feels a bit robotic and solvable.

I found that AoS has more of what I am looking for - I liked the aesthetic of models in groups rather than rigid blocks, I liked the attrition aspect of the game (I will always enjoy removing my models as they die or having my opponent remove his and the more the merrier!), I felt there were sufficient tactical aspects to consider and that these had an impact on the outcome of the game, the combat feels involved (deciding what fight to do, the impact of buffs on both sides, how much difference selecting the right target made, the timing of once per game events), and who can say no to a game where a dragon slayer can race out on his own, hack a wounded phoenix to death in one round of combat then be shot down by a unit of archers and as he breathes his last watch that self same phoenix arise once more in a plume of flame. Just in general I feel that if you are willing to either do some work (or take advantage of some other people's work) you can have a reasonable points / comp / balance system or if you are willing to trust your opponent the rules as written should work.

25-07-2015, 20:19
Thanks @53mhsellwood, that's an interesting comparison between KoW and AoS - I'd like to try out both for myself, but for the moment, I'm not done with Age of Sigmar.

We've since played another battle, this one Syvaneth vs Monsters of Chaos (http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/hedge-of-darkness-wood-elves-vs.html) - unlike the first one, it wasn't an attempt to replicate a 'traditional' 8th Ed battleline, but to see what happened when the army lists were messed with (in this case, taking a load of monsters: Shaggoth, Giant, Chimera and four trolls).

I played an all-Forest Spirit list (I like that themed armies are easily possible). It seemed to have lots of synergies (which I failed to take advantage of) and though things didn't go my way, I still enjoyed myself playing it. The biggest difficulty was shaking off my 8th Ed mindset about what is, and is not, possible.

Hope you enjoy it.

10-10-2015, 16:00
And we finally got around to putting together another battle report: Moonclan Grots vs Chaos Mortals (http://woffboot.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/hoppity-goes-to-town-moonclan-grots-vs.html).

This may be the most fun I've had playing AoS - not only does the scenario add a lot (in this case, 'Breakthrough'), but the game really lends itself to themed armies. For me, that meant nothing but squigs: cave squigs, squig hoppers, mangler squigs and a general riding a giant cave squig!


10-10-2015, 18:06
Great work with the battlereports, I enjoyed all three of them. Looking forward to more