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12-07-2015, 21:49
Greetings fellow Empire Generals!

Thoughts on the Empire in the new Age of Sigmar?

Shooting has obviously got a lot more powerful so I expect to see more cross bowmen and hand gunners - although I think hand gunners are marginally better now?

I think Empire were always an army greater than the sum of its parts and this is even more true now in age of Sigmar with all the Warscroll, Command & detachment abilities. I've noticed that the state regiment scroll allows you to ignore battleshock on a 1 or 2. Combined with an empire general with banner ( roll two dice for battleshock and ignore the highest) you could have a large bubble effect that often ignores battleshock?

The Empire general command ability will also make shooting very effective.


12-07-2015, 22:36
I feel our swordsmen have some really nice staying power as well now. Cast Mystic Shields on a unit and watch them save on 3+ rerolling 1s...not bad! I also like the free militia who can shoot well and then fight well after charging.

As you say, there are alot of synergies in the Empire list!

13-07-2015, 13:19
Empire are capable of getting troops that auto-hit in combat really easily as well as having a lot of potent ranged fire power.

23-07-2015, 06:30
My army is built around 3 detachments:

State Troop Detachment 1

General on Horse
Hand Gunners

This is my gun line detachment - they stay close together so they all get +1 to hit, and along with the Generals Hold the line we get an additional +1 to hit AND wound - so now my guys are hitting stuff on 3's or even 2's with their missile fire! Reason for general being on a horse is so he can also advance behind the next detachment incase THEY need to benfiit from his Hold The Line rule

State Troops detachment 2

General on Horse
Great Swords

Self explantory close combat portion of my army, units are typically larger so they get the bonus to hit rolls and stay close to each other for support. I am thinking of running the swordsmen as a thin line with the spearmen behind in support - so got the more resilant swordsmen up front and 2" spear support behind

Halberdiers are there to plug any gaps or go harrass a unit on the flanks of my detachment, greatswords to deal damage

Brotherhood of Knights

Just a combination of my Knights and Demigryphs - their role is to stay behind everyone and act as my late game counter charge - there will come a point when it's time to sound the retreat with the state troops or respond to fast moving enemy units - so enter the Knights


2-4 warmachines
2-3 Warrior Priests

That's my typical army - and traditionally it was around 3,000 to 3,500pts with magic items, tooled up.

I've tried it out twice now and it's been very effective - the counter charge bonus for the state troops allows some of the units positioned further back a chance to help out in combat - and it's saved my line from being overrun vs Chaos last match.

All in all I'm really liking how Empire is playing out in the new system - feels fantastic - and yes a few units are WTF in terms of their rules vs expectations - but overall a real gem of an army

Captain Marius
30-07-2015, 18:25
How have you found the knights to perform? In my experience they struggle with big infantry blocks so may be better sending round the flanks to deal with enemy war machines or support units?