View Full Version : Extra Weapons in Liberator Kit with Age of Sigmar starter set?

14-07-2015, 08:41
I'm getting the Starter Set and i was wondering if you could use the extra weapons in the liberators set for the models in the starter set? Seems like most of the starter set models have the weapons with the bodies in one piece.. Would be a good way of maximizing the expensive liberator kit if some weapons were compatible. especially the sweet double handed swords.

14-07-2015, 08:44
Looking at the WD and the sprue I can see that you can weapon swap hammers for swords - and even go two hammers for models - but the two handed sword? That's going to be TOUGH!

Best to leave that for the model from the box and then convert up the starter set to hold swords or additional hammers

14-07-2015, 08:51
Thats what i thought as well.. dual hammer dudes definitely look cooler!
PS: Saw your post on the warhammer facebook group. great to see some positivity on warseer for once..