View Full Version : Sylvaneth Wyldwoods

Kurgan Ironbeard
15-07-2015, 15:28
How many of these can you set up at the beginning of the game? I know you can summon them with specific units but I can't seem to find specific references to how many you can have from the start.

15-07-2015, 16:32
From the AoS Scenery book (Warscroll for scenery?) the answer is "consisting of two or more Citadel Woods." In most games I've played we've always used two woods besides each other.

16-07-2015, 01:16
There's also a formation in the wood elf compendium that includes two wildwoods, so four woods total.

16-07-2015, 01:51
I think a better question to ask is "Can you set up Sylvaneth Wildwoods at the beginning of the game?" .

Terrain does have its own warscrolls, but its unclear whether a Terrain warscroll can be taken alongside your army. The Sylvaneth Guardians of the Wildwood does have it included amongst its battalion, so thats a pretty good indication of its validity. However this opens up all kinds of doors. Imaging bringing a handful of Deathknell Watches and making a little castle for your shooters.

An alternative is to just bring Durthu. All of the new Treeman are quite good, and Durthu is no exception. Furthermore his Command Ability allows you to just plant a Sylvaneth Wildwood each turn.