View Full Version : natural rolls in AoS and modification

18-07-2015, 05:55
As it isnīt explicated in the BRB.....
...well ok in the rulesheet, and there are many circumstances where it would bear a rather big role, i thought of how AoS deals with natural rolls and modifiers.
Youīve got state troops which basically could hit automatically, practically invulnerable units by mystic shield, and some other stuff which i thought of butdoesnīt come to my mind right now.

So, iīve read the warscroll of the lord castellant it says that you get +1 to save rolls for friendly units and that these units even heal a wound if you roll a seven. To me that implicates that the rule "an modified 1 is still a 1 etc." does not longer exist anymore. Am i completly off the board or whatīs your opinion on that?

18-07-2015, 06:01
Yep. Units can hit and save automatically if you've got the right stacks.

18-07-2015, 06:29
Dirty tricks come to mind...^^

18-07-2015, 10:04
Nothing you can possibly come up with is a "Dirty Trick". It's not tricking the system to hit on 3+ vs all enemies, have 30 guys so you get +1 and then use a character rule to get an additional +1.

19-07-2015, 07:15
hehe... basically youīre right.
I just thought of something retributour-lord-celestant-on-foot-dirty ;)
Could i get another +1 to hit in that combo somehow? Canīt see at the moment.

BTW, isnīt it kind of short minded to have such a rule existent (no natural 1īs with all these to hit buffs) and likewise have rules "reroll all the 1`s" all around? Well.... :rolleyes: