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Kurgan Ironbeard
19-07-2015, 15:29
Do you think they'll do a Forgeworld and start bringing out models for each of the gods like FW did for Primarchs? We already have Nagash, so it wouldn't be a massive step to present a model for the god versions of all the characters that are present in AoS. I know there are some models for them already but they are for their mortal versions and kind of outdated now, I'd imagine Tyrion, Teclis, Alarielle, Malerion could potentially have something larger more in touch with the current edition.

We could also have models for the likes of Gorkamorka (I picture him like a more brutal looking double headed giant from Jack the Giant Slayer), Grungni, perhaps Grimnir to? What do you think?

19-07-2015, 15:38
Grimnir seems like a good candidate, based on the fluff that the Duardin aren't revealing what happened to his 'shards' after fighting Vulcatrix. Some sort of reconstituted avatar seems like an interesting direction to go.

Morathi also, since she still has a physical form but was 'changed' in some way (that might make for a more interesting model).

Edit Addendum: I would not be surprised if some of these models aren't the full god form like Nagash, but as avatars or representations - a shard of Grimnir, an idol of Gorkamorka, etc.

19-07-2015, 15:42
Yes well the idea is good, but they'd have to do a pretty good job if they want to make them on par with the Nagash model: he's awesome. His plastic kit incarnation I mean, not the infamous lead one.

Gork or Possibly Mork
19-07-2015, 18:25
Gorkamorka concept...lol


Kurgan Ironbeard
19-07-2015, 18:59
Nah him but green and a bigger second head :P


Thane Godri Thunderbrand
19-07-2015, 19:05
What happened to Morathi?

Kurgan Ironbeard
19-07-2015, 19:08
What happened to Morathi?

I'm not entirely sure whether she's a god or not, but she was found by Malerion.

Gork or Possibly Mork
19-07-2015, 19:37
What happened to Morathi?


Malerion ( Malekith alive/re-born without form ) went searching for Aelf surviviors & encountered shadow demons in the realm of shadows at the center of which he found his mother but her form has changed. They still don't trust each other but join forces and ally with Sigmar.

Something else interesting to note is Slaanesh was captured by Tyrion/Malekith and his/her throne is vacant. This picture was leaked showing new chaos pantheon and it's speculated the replacement symbol is the circle of iron.


19-07-2015, 19:45
If they release Sigmar I will buy it. Instantly.

The same for my elf-playing friend and a godly Tyrion.

Come on, Games Workshop. Take our money :D

Ar Ulric
20-07-2015, 19:28
An impending Malerion model may be why there was no (much needed) updated Malekith model for End Times: Khaine. All the other ET models were characters who survived in their ET forms (assuming Thanquol & Boneripper survived unchanged), so no new, expensive models became redundant a few months down the line.
GW have these things all worked out well in advance. If they didn't have a specific 'Malerion' model in the works, they probably would have done an updated Malekith, then come up with some post-hoc explanation for how he survived in his original, dragon-riding form.