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19-07-2015, 20:05
I am somewhat of an Warhammer Empire fan (in the same way that Goge Vandire was somewhat power hungry). Time to bring them into my favourite gaming system: Warhammer 40k.

What units do I like? Handgunners as medium infantry, Cannons, Steam Tanks (and other gunpowder units) being my main part of the army while Demigryph Knights and Karl Franz, supported by Volkmars holy ride, as my elite knightly part of the army. I think that play style can be translated fairly well into 40k. A, sort of, steampunk knightly ecclesiarchal order of faithful dudesmen.
My first instinct was Siege Vanguard, however they did not have any medium infantry and no mounted units. With DA, who have excellent mounted units, I had no success either, because they lacked cannons. SM was the closes I have gotten. They have a pretty decent mounted section (Chapter Master = Karl Franz, Command Squad = Demigryphs), Scouts as medium infantry and Thunderfire Cannons. However, I do not find SM Tanks all that enticing.
Imperial Guard are also pretty solid. Awesome tanks and medium infantry (carapace vets) but they lack a fat mounted HQ and no cannons.

So, as much as I dislike having to dabble in allies, so you think a mix between SM + IG would work? I am looking as cheap medium infantry to score objectives, CS + CM to do some damage, Thunderfires and tank (Battle Tanks, Eradicators and Demolishers) for long-ranged duty. Basically, bring massed firepower to crush the opponent at all ranges, be they tank or infantry.
Or am I better served with staying pure SM and dabble in SM Mech in order to avoid the HQ and Troops tax of IG? (Armoured Battlegroup is out of the question, unfortunately).
Either way, I will throw in an Imperial Knight.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

Cheers ;)

19-07-2015, 20:28
To be honest I think you would have a hard time using Empire minis as Space Marines. No amount of feathered hats or frilled collars will be equal to powered exoskeletal armour. Mixing armies [SM + IG] would be problematic unless it was visually obvious that heavily-armoured minis would be Marines and the leotard dudes would be Guardsmen. If all you want is to port your models over to 40k then Imperial Guard [possibly featuring the Inquisition] or even Chaos is probably how it will work best.

I'm not sure what to definitively suggest since A: you'll have to get very creative with WYSIWYG and B: no army really comes close to fitting everything in as you say. I guess my closest attempt would be Dark Angels with Franz as Sammael with a Land Speeder, Demigryphs as Ravenwing bikes, Handgunners as Shotgun Scouts, and Cannons as Rapier batteries or Tarantula sentry guns, although I still think the IG rules fit the models better.

19-07-2015, 20:40
Not using my Empire minis in 40k. I will be converting 40k minis to mimic the Empire style :P I am looking for advice in terms of army building, to make the single most efficient force with the given parameters. Conversion work has nothing to do with this thread ;)

The Rapier is a good call, but I would rather not base an army around FW. Krauthammer does not look kindly on FW and including those units is always kind of a gamble.
By the way, I also agree that IG fit that concept a bit better, but they lack a real front-line unit. The elite part. The mounted knights making their way to victory. Hence why I would be ready to look into allies.

19-07-2015, 20:47
What about the new admech forces? They have walkers (though admittedly not a mounted HQ) and their vehicles could be large seige cannons.

19-07-2015, 20:53
Ah well if you're converting to achieve an aesthetic then by all means use whatever army you'd like. As a pompously-ornate elite force they would fit the Astartes well actually.

What about White Scars? Bonus to "bikes", Hit & Run, and they can access Thunderfire Cannons.

19-07-2015, 21:04
The choice of Chapter Tactics bothers me less as of right now, since the setup of my SM force is pretty established by now (I mainly play SM and DA). It is more about how to include mech elements. Heavy-hitting mech, not Battle Company Rhino spam. I just like the idea of an steadily advancing force that showers the enemy with pie plates but still has enough mobility to respond to trouble spots (the reason I value the bike CS + CM so much). I would easily include to LR tanks, but my problem is the Troops and HQ tax of the IG, something I might not have the points for. I also have no idea how to incorporate them into my plans, since Scouts outperform Vets in almost every respect, at least for the purpose I am giving them, which is killing T4 and less as well as scoring.

20-07-2015, 00:02
The newest Imperial Militia army list from Horus Heresy book V - Tempest let you build a human force that uses an anachronic black powder weapons.

Basically Imperial Army in Horus Heresy was less of a unified force than even in 40k. You could probably even make crossbowmans if you wanted and such a force would still have place in those times.

20-07-2015, 00:02
I would go with Inperialis Militia from HH Book 5. Your colorful looking rifleman and even sword or halberd wielding troops would for right in, and your demogrifs could count as CC ogryns with power weapons and 3+ saves? Gonna be porting over a ton of my Bretonnians into using that army. You can take big cheap just of human level infantry with close combat weapons or with black powder equivalent weapons, then have some more specialized squads like Grenadiers and such

20-07-2015, 16:24
Forge World isn't an option, unfortunately. But Guard seems to be a fairly good match. I am just a bit intimidated by the amount of models required. Even in a balanced list I put up three times the numbers I put up with SM, which is a bit of a scary thought.

20-07-2015, 16:28
Forge World isn't an option, unfortunately. But Guard seems to be a fairly good match. I am just a bit intimidated by the amount of models required. Even in a balanced list I put up three times the numbers I put up with SM, which is a bit of a scary thought.

I feel you, I'm just getting a good handle on my first cohort of 'Nids. Any of the horde armies in 40k are painful to start, but look so good when you've got a giant filthy mess of them.

20-07-2015, 16:44
I hear ya. But the other issue is that I like individuality and I spend loads of time on one model to make it individual. With 70 dudes and 10 tanks at 1850, that is pretty had to accomplish. I like SM for a reason, and it is mainly the higher individuality and worth per model (GK take it too far though). Hence my resistance to IG. That, and they have no flashy choppy HQ :D

20-07-2015, 19:26
Gonna be hard to convince your opponents that Empire State troops have a space marine stat-line though. And Straken is reasonable choppy.