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20-07-2015, 23:53
Hello everyone I've gotten a 40k starter set but I'd like to branch out and try a new army. I love the looks of the Dark Eldar especially the Haemonculi and their creations. What would be a good place to start with a Haemonculi themed force?

21-07-2015, 05:12
Scalpel Squadron - 2x5 Wracks and 2x venoms.

That said - there are a few caveats if you're trying to save money...

Wracks are very easy to convert form just about anything. One box of wracks gives you most of what you'd need to get another 5 if you had any elf legs, bodies and torsos for them.

Old mandrakes are crazy cheap these days, as are the 3rd ed. Kabalites... so you can easily field a horde of wracks with some strategically purchased bits (Vampire Counts Ghoul arms...) more or less just tacked on.

On the flip side - it's really Grotesques and Taloi that will make this list work. For that, you're going to either need to convert, or be comfortable paying ALL THE MONEY for terrible models (Grotesques). Smart Money, of course, is Skaven for those... and luckily the Talos box gets you a good number of 'face plates' and DE Weapons to throw on those Stormfiends lol (Or Vargheists... but srsly Stormfiends).


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