View Full Version : Any Wargamers in the CHATTANOOGA Area?

28-07-2015, 20:35
Hello. Looking to set up a game somewhere around Chattanooga. I have heard of several groups around the area but I don't want to turn up unexpected.

I am looking at getting into Age of Sigmar, but if there are more 40k players out there I may start that game instead.

29-07-2015, 01:11
If you are willing to drive north a bit to Ckeveland, there is gaming going on in Dicehead games. There's an active 40k scene. There's Aldo a Mordheim league and four or five AoS players. It's a good idea trying to set up a game first. Shoot me a PM if you want to arrange something.

30-07-2015, 01:07
I sent you a PM NecronBob