View Full Version : [AoS] Changeling – Formless Horror and damage tables

30-07-2015, 21:07
So the Changeling can attack using the profile of any one melee weapon a model it is fighting is equipped with.
What, then, happens if the Changeling takes/copies/uses a weapon that references a damage table?

I am going to assume, for the sake of not breaking things horribly, that the Changeling gets to substitute the star on the profile for the value on the table as the original weilder would; my real question concerns whose number of wounds suffered does the Changeling use to determine the row on the table to sub from?The ‘donor's’ or the Changeling's?

So if the Changeling, having suffered a wound previously, borrows a Mighty Axe of Khorne from a Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury that has suffered ten wounds, does it wound on a 4+, or a 2+?

30-07-2015, 21:58
The way I read it the Changeling doesnt use the actual weapon of its enemy but mimics it, so I suppose you would use the Changelings suffered wounds to determine the damage output. Is this the fluff answer? Maybe we're just suppose to use the "weapon characteristic" and the asterisk tells us the damage is so and so based on the Bloodthirsters wounds suffered? Yeah that's probably my answer.

EDIT: You could argue that the Changeling couldnt wield the axe with the power of a bloodthirster but that would likely be true of most enemies the Changeling might mimic so it's a non-issue. Besides the rule simply states "use the weapon characteristic" so we're suppose to assume the Changeling is strong enough but now I'm probably just babbling haha. My answer is above.

31-07-2015, 19:18
I think whatever is the target of the power, in this case a Bloodthirster, it mimics whatever the targets current output is with said attack.
With a 4 page rule set I am going with the most simple answer is most likely to be the correct answer.