View Full Version : Mordheim Google Docs & Excel Roster Sheet

28-08-2015, 09:46
Hi all,

I've recently been working on creating a google docs/excel roster sheet. Where my creation differs form the many that are out there is that a lot of it has drop down selection, stats and starting skills are auto filled, etc etc.

So far it works for the following warbands:
Sisters of Sigma
Cult of the Possessed
Witch hunters
Dark Elves
Averland Mercenaries
Beastmen Raiders
Carnival of Chaos
Orcs & Goblins
Norse Warrriors

What I'm looking for is a group of people who would be willing to spend 10minutes testing it out, making sure it works for the above warbands, making sure the auto-fill stats and special rules are correct, etc and mainly just qc'ing and checking it works for everyone.

Secondly I'd also love to get any feedback from everyone. I've created this not just for myself, but also for the community so I'd love your feedback and any ideas for improvements.

If you could let me know if you're interested in checking it out, send me your email address and I'll share the google sheet with you.