View Full Version : Blood Bowl: Orc Tactics

06-07-2006, 22:18
Okay, i know about Da Kage, but are there any other useful tactics or tips that you can use with an Orc team?

Ravening Wh0re
07-07-2006, 13:30
Bash 'em.

And you may want to play some holding-up football. hold teh ball until the end of the half to stop the opponent scoring easily. Then bash 'em.

Autobot HQ
07-07-2006, 16:44
Stalling pretty much is the way forward. The infamous 2-1 win, which is basically the first half you drive up field and take the entire half to score, bashing the face in of everyone in the way.

Second half they cant stall back because by now you should be up a few players, and you're STILL bashing them in the face, so they score, then you recieve and drive up field and score again in the final turn of the second half. You win 2-1

Or, what you can do, is ... erm ... nope, that pretty much covers it. Get tackle on your blitzers, block and mighty blow on your black orcs, and arm your linemen how you see fit. That should cover you.


29-07-2006, 22:23
Well, I´m not really experienced, but I played about 10 games of BB with or against Orcs recently.

Against ´ummies and Lizzies but those teams are quite different. The blitzers are your best team members, ever. I have them working on the sidelines in teams of two. Against humans I could easily break through and get several touchdowns, but teams that too pack a punch things get more complicated.

Black Orcs and Sauri beating each other up in the middle of the field are fun :)
Black Orcs and Sauri beating each other up for the whole game without moving more than 1 block are even more fun:D

I try to get a blitzer with the ball, tear a small hole in the enemy defense and RUN.

Okay, but I sometimes try to pass the ball, so I`m strange :wtf:

30-07-2006, 08:30
The team i play that works well is

2 Black Orcs
4 Blitzers
3 Linemen
1 Thrower
1 Goblin

This leave enough for 3 Re-Rolls and 8 Fanfactor. The black orcs and lineman take the middle and the blitzers make a hole at the top or bottom for the goblin to dodge through and thrower throws to the goblin. Get the goblin catch and if you can add to his AG. Sprint and surefeet are also useful. The black orcs need block/dodge and mighty blow. Get the lineman block and they become blitzers, i keep one to learn catching skills, then becomes a good scorer. The blitzers become better with tackle.

Thats the tactic i use and seems to work, suffers a bit against blocker teams, such as dwarves but if you get through you are away as the dwarves don't have the movement to get react to any holes in defence.