View Full Version : Sacred War Sphinx ruling

29-08-2015, 19:55
Please could I have a RAW breakdown of the way that wounds are halved vs a Khemrian war sphinx. Our club plays it that wounds are halved and rounded up per attack, rather than halving the total wound pool. Which is it, if either?

29-08-2015, 20:56
Wounds are only inflicted once all the attacks for a unit have been made so I reckon it's supposed to be half of the total inflicted by each attacking unit.

29-08-2015, 21:32
Thanks that was my exact reasoning aswell.

30-08-2015, 08:19
Per unit I'd say.

Also it's quite an OP ability in an already strong army.. but that is besides the point.

30-08-2015, 11:53
In my last game we played the other way, so halved multiple damage wounds only. With 30 darkshards and a bolt thrower I scored exactly 12 wounds in a single turn. Without the rule it would have been 14 but we were halving the double damage wounds from the bolt thrower.

Knocking the sphinx out freed a gap so my Cold One Knights could charge a big block of 40 archers who were deleting one unit per turn with their shooting (Khalida, righteous smiting, nearby to-hit buff terrain, so they hit on a 3+, with 4+ granting a free shot... it's silly until you get it into combat).

So 14 halved to 7 leaves 5 wounds remaining. I'm fairly confident that my 10 Cold One Knights could have finished it off on the charge, but then they'd be at the mercy of the archers AND a unit of necropolis knights, provided I didn't get a double turn (which I didn't). As it was, I scored a victory, but without them smashing into the archers that turn and killing ~20, that would have been a total defeat.

So yeah, War Sphinx is too stronk. Just needs an adapted strategy to deal with it. I'm thinking more bolt throwers...

Oh and if anyone turns up with 2 or more of these things on the table i'm table flipping and running home to my mummy. :p