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30-08-2015, 21:32
Howthy everyone,

From the way some warscrolls are written, it would look like you can take mixed weapon choices.
I am building a small undead army, and am assembling skeletons. I do not think mixing spears and hand weapons would be good ruleswise, quite the opposite indeed, but, from a "look" point of view, I would like it a lot. Do you think it is "legal"?
If yes why? If no, again, why?



30-08-2015, 23:05
If you mean the Tomb King Skeletons, it says some units are armed with XXX while others are armed with YYYY.
So that doesn't allow for mixing.

If you mean the Vampire Counts Skeletons, they have the same wording.
These don't allow for mixing either.

If you desperately want to model some with spears and some not, just say all of this unit is armed with [insert chosen equipment] at the start so your opponent doesn't get confused.