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05-09-2015, 00:41
I have an 8th edition tournament on Sunday. 2000pts. Bringing a very themed fun list. Enjoy.

Spider God Army of Doom

Goblin Great Shaman
Arachnarok Spider , Channelling Staff, Level 4, Spider Catch Shrine, Flinger

Goblin Warboss
Gigantic Spider, Shield, Sword of Anit-Heroes, Armour of Fortune, Crown of Command.

Super Orc (Savage) RETURN OF SUPER ORC!!!!!
Flying Carpet, Additional Choppa

Snagla Grobspit

Goblin Big Boss
Gigantic Spider, Ogre Blade, Light Armour, Enchanted Shield.

Goblin Big Boss
BSB, Gigantic Spider, Great Weapon, Spider Banner

Goblin Warboss (in supped up Spider Chariot)
Great Weapon, 100pts Armour of Gork

15 x Goblin Spider
Full Command

5x Spider Riders

5x Spider Riders

5x Spider Riders

5x Spider Riders

Spider Chariot (Warboss here, adds another D6 strength 4 impacts)
Extra Spider, Extra Goblin

A fast army designed to run around and take weak satellite troops. Never going to win a slug fest against elite troops. Not even going to try that one. All 3 Big Boss' riding Gigantic Spiders will form up into one unit of 3 Monster Cav. Warboss on Gigantic Spider can either join the block of 15 Spider Riders or join up with the hero unit. Super Orc flies around doing whatever Super Orc wants and Warboss on Spider Chariot supports wherever needed. All the while my Level 4 on Arachnarok tries to 6 dice "Curse of Da Bad Moon".

I know its not a good list as in terms of competitiveness. But it sure looks cool on the table top and is fun to use.

Captain Idaho
05-09-2015, 11:36
It looks interesting. I'm no Gobbo expert unfortunately but looking at the Warhammer fundamentals, I'd say you have a reasonable army.

You could do with cannon bait though. Something to suck in the shots from the characters on mounts. A 3rd such target could be useful.

05-09-2015, 16:36
I was kind of hoping that Snagla when he ambushes and Super Orc could help out in that regard. Cannons do bother me but I don't think I'll see too many. Thanks for advice though. Oh and 5 of my units can Vanguard too!! All Spider units are Fast Cav.

Captain Idaho
06-09-2015, 19:17
Let us know how you did then! I'm looking forward to hearing about your interesting army.

Skargit Crookfang
06-09-2015, 20:37
Whoa! A thread on WarSeer that I'm replying to that has nothing to do with AoS?! This can't be right ;)

But here goes:

First off, spider riders are extremely limited in both potential and numbers- with goblins, it's kind of a one or the other thing (and yes potential CAN apply). This will mean that, while your army will be zippy (esp. with the amount of wallcrawler and strider), once caught, it will be eviscerated.

I, myself, run all wolf rider armies on occasion. I almost take a "beastman" approach to them (switch special and core, in actual functionality). This usually means 9+ chariots. Modelling them as spider chariots would fit the bill, quite easily.

Second, Warboss on a chariot... bad news bears. They cannot join units. Easy to pick out, easy to take down with everything from a warmachine to a line of handgunners. The lack of LoS! really hurts the "boss chariot" concept. I use it on occasion (with a big boss), usually with the charmed shield, spear and Potion of Foolhardiness. Point, click and expect it to die. Send it in with multiple chariots for maximum hilarity.

Third, I love and hate the Arak. It's a great model, a heck of a "puncher".... but at that point cost...ew. It hurts the team. Badly. Also, having a GS ontop is really asking for trouble. While the Arak is a good monster, it isn't great- lower T can really be a pain in the side with the thing. Even ranked halberdiers can make it have a bad time.

Fourth, maybe consider rejigging the list to include either massed chariots or, if you aren't feeling that, what about a massive mob of goblin archers, complete with BSB w/ Spider Banner? It's my bread and butter core unit. Heck, give 'em shields and another BB or two to force hit allocations and have a 6+ parry on the boyz. I usually run 50-80 of them and they never let me down (if you don't count double 1 animosity, and their propensity to shoot the ever loving crap out of a neighbouring, friendly, unit). GotSG + SB = 5+ poison. Ogres will fear you.

Snagla is fun.

I love the SOBB on the flying carpet- loads of fun, that set up.

Also, watch the warboss on the gigantic spider... same as above... no LoS! and easy target. Armour of Gork is downright brutally useless for its point cost.

Not trying to rain on your parade, but this army will get eviscerated as-is, more times than not. If you're okay with that, by all means, go for it. But if you want a chance in heck, some alterations are necessary.

07-09-2015, 02:00
Well tournament is over. I did alright. Placed 4th place out of 9 players. Beat a Warriors of Chaos army that was very hard hitting. Highlights of that game were the 3 Big Boss' riding Gigantic Spiders taking out a unit of 5 Khorne Knights. Also my Warboss in the chariot did two pretty good achievements. Got the charge off against Warriors of Chaos Chariot and destroyed it. Second achievement was charging a unit of 20 Skeletons in my Tomb King game. The D6 Strength 4 and D6 Strength 5 helped me win combat by 11. Thus crumbling them all!!! Go Warboss.

I sat out the first round as we had an odd number of players. I have to admit having all those fast cav on the battlefield sure is tough for the enemy to get their troops onto them. Fun tournament but I am looking forward to bringing the pain in my next tournament. Smashing your way through the enemy is much more fun than dancing around them and picking off their weaker elements.

07-09-2015, 07:37
What's that Orc doing in there?

Cool army... considered doing it myself.. but I'd maybe have squeezed in second Arachnorok :)

07-09-2015, 17:51
I wanted to include another Arachnarok so badly, but at 2000pts it was just too hard to squeeze in. 3000pts fits this theme so much better. Super Orc is just there for fun factor. I've used a Goblin Big Boss flying on Wolf Pelt in the past. But 5 attacks at strength 5 from Super Orc is just too much fun to pass up.

21-09-2015, 13:44
Nice army and battle recap. Would like to hear more about your next tournament.