View Full Version : Do you purchase both Fantasy and 40k products?

12-10-2015, 05:22
I've always wondered if people are into fantasy and 40k simultaneously. Also, are you into specific factions and if that faction doesn't get an update for a while do you start a new faction?

Buddy Bear
12-10-2015, 05:26
I did. Not anymore, though. And I tend to stick to one faction no matter what, unless another catches my eye. I never buy another one just for the sake of spending money.

Wolf Lord Balrog
12-10-2015, 05:32
I've always been 40K-only, though only because I couldn't afford to start a third army at recent GW prices.

Lars Porsenna
12-10-2015, 05:36
I do both, and have 4 armies for 40K and another 4 for Fantasy. Been playing 40K since 3rd (with a smattering of 2nd games) and fantasy since 4th.


12-10-2015, 06:48
5 armies for 40K and 2 for Fantasy, although I haven't really sorted out yet what to do with my Fantasy armies because one of them was Dogs of War. I guess they'll now work for me as forces of Order (the Tileans and Empire stuff) and forces of Chaos (I have a ridiculous amount of Norse Marauders and Bearmen of Urslo).
And yes, I'm into specific factions. I tend to start a new army when I want a new playstyle or something is released that really catches my fancy, but in general, I stick to my 4 basic armies. If, say, my Astra Militarum doesn't get an update for a long time, I don't care. There's lot of stuff that I still want to have for that army although it's already well beyond 10K points. Same for my CSM, there are two gods that I haven't even explored yet.

12-10-2015, 06:56
I tended to focus on one at a time, generally whichever was getting games in with. I haven't had a consistent group in quite a few years, so I bounced between a lot of games.

12-10-2015, 06:59
I used to. I had at least 2 factions in each at any given time.

During End Times I started... Started! A chaos army and bought dark vengeance at the same time so I could mix and match my spiky bits for conversions and the like.

The paint hadn't even dried on my WoC when AoS happened and I feel completely ripped off.

Now I don't buy either.

12-10-2015, 09:40
I used to buy both but not for a while now, I really don't even buy much 40k these days just bargins from ebay when a see something I like.

12-10-2015, 10:19
Both a 40K and WHF addict for years, with sizable multiple armies for both systems.

For 40K I stopped after getting Blood Angels earlier this year (rather happy with them), with WHF it was the complete ET book series (which I kind of regret).

My last purchase for "both systems" was the Chaos half of the AoS set - for use in my Khorne Daemonkin. I don't feel like GW offers much for me these days.

12-10-2015, 11:39
I've stopped now, but I have sizeable 40k and WHFB collections: Marines (full company), IG (full infantry company - mainly on sprues until I decide what colours to use), some Orks, some Eldar, a little 40k chaos, Dwarves (full army box+Skull Pass+battalion+extras), Elves (full army), Orcs (mainly goblins, but a fair load of orcs), some Brettonians and some fantasy chaos. Also have some Skaven I originally bought to make an Underworld team for Blood Bowl, but was tempted to start a proper army, but decided against it due to costs. Not bought 40k or fantasy since. Oh and have a few FW sprues and etched for the Salamanders for my marines (infantry and vehicles).

Oh and not a player, just a collector here. Now spending my money on 2nd hand Blood Bowl minis instead. I only ever bought one rulebook and one set of codices (aside from the original RT rulebook and the 3rd-edition set I own) and decided that, due to the high turnover rate, it wasn't worth spending money on them since I wasn't playing, so didn't bother to update after that... figured that the one set of codices and 2 army books I own would be "good enough" for making the armies semi-legal at least, so making it easy enough to update when the chance came to play.

12-10-2015, 12:00
I have 3 40k armies (Tyranids, Necrons, Eldar) and 3-ish Fantasy armies (Wood Elves, Orcs and Goblins, and Chaos). I have a smattering of other models too, like enough to make a small Space Marine army and a small Vampire Counts army (plus other starter set models).
I also play Epic (Tyranids, Necrons, Eldar and Guard) and Warmaster (Orcs and Goblins, Chaos, Khemri, Empire, High Elves, Dwarfs, Lizardmen, Bretonnians, Kislev, Daemons, Dark Elves, Skaven- and possibly more I've forgotten, with a slowly growing Wood Elf force too).
I also have Man o War (Empire, Dwarfs, High Elves and Orcs and Goblins) plus Battlefleet Gothic (Chaos, Tyranids and Necrons).

A lot of that is unbuilt and unpainted, but I'm slowly working on it. I tend to flit from project to project, influenced by all sorts of things (not least actually having an opponent to play against!).

I don't tend to buy too much anymore. GW killed Fantasy for me, so I'm currently getting the last few things for my Chaos army (6th ed), and 40k is circling the drain (plus I already have way too many models there). I have pretty much every Warmaster model ever released, and some unreleased- only VC and Araby are left to tempt me, but they're rare models now! Only my Epic Necrons are really seeing expansion- and that's because they're still being sculpted!

Light of the Emperor
12-10-2015, 13:15
At one point, I crossed all three systems- 40K, Fantasy, and LotR.

I stopped 40k when 6th was released and haven't continued since. Still have my armies, but I've not bought any new additions for them. I'm not a fan of the rules, nor 40k going apocalypse, nor the high price of really huge models that overshadow the infantry. I have every codex/compendium/rulebook for 5th so I have a complete edition.

Fantasy I am still actively purchasing. Not Age of Sigmar, but Fantasy. I refuse AoS. I am trying to get every rulebook/armybook made for 8th to complete the edition. Currently working on a small 1200 point Warriors of Chaos force. I have large Empire and Goblin forces already complete.

Lord of the Rings. This is my most active purchasing at the moment due to the threat of GW discontinuing models out of nowhere. Just need a few more models to have every model/ faction depicted in the films. Also have every book needed so the edition is complete.

GW has priced me out, but now that I have (or will soon have) the models and books I need, all my work can stand alone in their respective editions regardless of what happens to GW.

12-10-2015, 13:27
I have most of the WFB armies including Dogs of War (Dwarfs, Brets and TK being my primary armies). Just need to finish off the Chaos Dwarfs, Daemons and Kislev (from ebay). I have no real interest in AoS, so that just leaves some of the collector pieces from Forgeworld to get.

Never been so much of a fan of 40k although I do like Eldar (which I must have 30 years of collecting models worth) and Tau. I have a smattering of other armies, 'Nids, Sapce Marines and Chaos mainly due to box sets, starter sets etc.

As for other specialist games I have armies for BFG (Eldar, Tau FW, Tau GW, Imperials, Chaos), Epic (Eldar, Tau, Space Marines, Orks, Tyranids), Necromunda (one gang), Mordheim (Skaven, Undead, Dwarfs), Inquisitor (Delaque), Blood Bowl (Humans, Orcs, Dark Elves), Warmaster (Tomb Kings, Bretonnia, Dwarfs).

My purchases of GW has mostly dried up now though. I use to get plenty of fantasy and in between I picked up SG models but as such never got round to getting some of the armies. Now I just kick myself whenever I see their prices on ebay as I still carry on picking some up over time. All that is left is some of the newer Tau/Eldar and then it will pretty much be Forgeworld only in the future.

Never really got into LoTR but that was more time and expense than anything, but I do like the models.

I have pretty much every Warmaster model ever released, and some unreleased- only VC and Araby are left to tempt me, but they're rare models now!

I'm very very green with envy...

12-10-2015, 13:45
I play both Fantasy (WHFB & AoS) and 40K. I also have but don't play LotR.

In Fantasy, have Dwarfs, Orcs & Goblins, Dark Elves, AoS starter set & Bloodreavers, and Dogs of War. Dwarves & O&G are active. Not played much AoS yet, but growing on me. Dark Elves in the "to be painted" pile.

40K large armies for Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Orks, Necrons, Tyranids. Small Tau and Chaos forces. Skitarii as Dark Elves. Wasn't going to buy any more armies, until I saw the Skitarii models....

12-10-2015, 14:28
I have many armies for both sides though I haven't really had to buy anything for a few years. Age of Sigmar I have bought a lot of the khorne models because I like how they look compared to the older warriors of chaos models and I have been waiting for something like the chaos fortress for about 20 years so I did obtain the pieces to make one of those.

I did add some chaos dwarfs this year as well as a few necron forge world pieces. On average I only spend a bit here and there when my painting backlog clears up.

12-10-2015, 14:44
I used to buy both. I dislike both the current 40k and fantasy rulesets so I've halted my purchases until their rules match what I'd like to play.

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Getifa Ubazza
12-10-2015, 15:17
I have always been a fan, more of fantasy than sci-fi, but found it difficult to rank up models that always felt too big for the bases, so went with 40k, as it was more fantasy in space, than straight up sci-fi. Plus the rules were just easier to understand. Well until they started bringing in all the planes and super heavies.

For the last 20+ years, I have mainly collected 40k stuff. My latest 40k army is essentially Ents in Space. Which is a Wraith Host with some Guardians, some Dire Avengers and a Farseer. I intend to eventually add some Harlequin stuff to that, as my main army is Chaos and it just makes sense.

AoS is the best of both worlds for me. I don't have to try to rank up models and it's fantasy. The rules being quite easy to understand also helps alot. My 40k Slaanesh is only waiting for one model to be fully moved over to AoS. I have the start of a pretty nice Khorne army from the starter set. My son really likes Nurgle. My daughter really likes Tzeentch, so we have all 4 Gods represented. If the Horned Rat has truly become another Chaos God, then that's fine, as my son also loves Skaven. So between us, we will have 6 fantasy armies and 2 40k armies.

My Ogre army is going to be used for KoW.

If you asked this question last year, I would have said I only buy 40k stuff. Now it is both. I always wanted an army for each of the Chaos Gods and now I can finally do that with AoS. If GW keep up the Daemonkin idea in 40k, I will likely do the same there.

12-10-2015, 17:23
Death Guard (Heresy Era) and Wood Elves (Aelf) for AoS.


12-10-2015, 19:35
I used to buy both. After AOS, I buy neither. I feel that if 40k gets the AOS treatment, it will be throwing good money after bad.

12-10-2015, 20:31
Have got rid of most of my 40K armies. Still have some unbuilt chaos but they will likely never see light of day as GW seems to hate them.

Mainly I now just do fantasy well age of sigmar. Not really a fantasy fan but the age of sigmar means I can get games in that dont last forever and its easy to play. Also not having to buy the same models over and over again is a huge help as I can collect a few different units and characters across the range and mash em together

12-10-2015, 20:49
Used to play 40k and WHFB simultaneously, also lord of the rings when it came out as well as most of the specialist games at some point. I also played Battletech, At43, Confrontation, Warmachine, historical games & rpgs along side them before I stopped playing gwgPLC games altogether back in 2006. Now I've expanded my collection even further with Mantic & Spartan Games' products as well as Infinity & numerous board/card games.

I keep an eye on gwgPLCs' offering to see if they can get their crap together and produce something I'd find worthwhile and also because watching them is like watching two high speed trains collide head on where the drivers keep making the situation worse. Also to monitor the negative impact they continue to have on the industry as a whole.

12-10-2015, 21:20
I used to collect & play both, then left gaming and only really picked up 40K when I came back. My main fantasy army (Chaos Dwarves) were long squatted by then and I couldn't justify the cost of getting back in, so never made the leap back in.

Buddy Bear
12-10-2015, 21:57
To go more in-depth, I've played the following games and collected the following armies (I've put the status of the army in parenthesis):

Warhammer 40,000
- Space Marines (My main army, Ultramarines. I have a massive collection, but I'm considering selling off large chunks of it)
- Blood Angels (Planning to sell due to AOS)
- Dark Angels (Planning to sell due to AOS)
- Space Wolves (Recently sold due to AOS)
- Imperial Guard (Planning to sell due to AOS)
- Inquisition
- Imperial Knights
- Tyranids (I had two armies. I sold the first army filled with metal models off years ago and the second I recently sold due to AOS)
- Necrons (Began collecting it recently but sold off recently due to AOS)
- Adeptus Mechanicus (Began collecting it recently but sold off recently due to AOS)
Warhammer Fantasy
- Undead (Had it and lost it years ago when I first started playing)
- Bretonnia (Sold it during 5th edition)
- Empire (Current collection. Almost sold it off with AOS, but decided to keep it to keep playing 8th and Kings of War)
- Undead Legion (I started collecting it after End Times: Nagash, but sold it off with the news of AOS)
- Van Saar (Currently selling it)
- Escher (Recently sold it)
- Cawdor (Recently sold it)
- Enforcers
- Spyre Hunters
Warhammer Quest
- Bretonnian Questing Knight
- Witch Hunter
- Chaos Warrior
- Warrior Priest
Space Hulk
Blood Bowl
- Reikland Reavers (Lost years ago)
- Greenfield Grasshuggers (Lost years ago)

I almost always collected and played both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy concurrently, and the Specialist Games whenever they were available. The variety was fantastic, because whenever I got tired of playing one game I'd just switch to the other and play that instead.

12-10-2015, 23:08
I used to, but dumped my Space Marines. Gone Dead Zone/Warpath for my Sci-Fi, especially as they do Squat... erm Forge Fathers.

I've kept my fantasy stuff to do KoW now :)

13-10-2015, 04:28
I tend to buy fantasy models from other ranges.

13-10-2015, 04:45
I am a former customer that used to buy both Fantasy (Tomb Kings primary, Empire and Wood Elves secondary) and 40k ranges (Necrons primary, Inquisition secondary). I also have a significant collection of Battlefleet Gothic, and at least a Space Marine chapter in Epic, including some Titans and aircraft. Its likely I wont sell the Specialist range - the minis and the ruleset is just too addictive for me :)

de Selby
13-10-2015, 06:33
I have armies for both. There are a handful of things like spirit hosts and zoanthropes I might well buy when I'm back in the UK at 25% off, but not at US prices. Can't really justify AoS figures or starting a mechanicus army (cost), so waiting to see what happens with this plastic 30k stuff to find out if I'm priced out completely. Currently dabbling in Infinity.

13-10-2015, 09:44
I used to buy both. After AOS, I buy neither. I feel that if 40k gets the AOS treatment, it will be throwing good money after bad.

This, pretty much.

I have High Elves and Dark Elves and was buying Empire and Vampire counts for Fantasy and Eldar and Space Marines for 40k, but after End Times Khaine I stopped buying fantasy. After AOS I stopped buying 40k too. I'm too scared that GW will trash that game's ruleset as well, and they already did that to a degree with the unbound rules and the drive to bigger and bigger monstrous creatures. I don't like the wraithknight look, but good luck playing Eldar competitively without one...

13-10-2015, 11:13
As a kid/teen, I didn't have the dough to dip into every system and game so it was just 40K.
Later on I bought into WHFB, and these days I have a Necromunda Gang and a lot of Dungeon Crawling minis too.
I'm only really into 80's and 90's minis though, so all my purchasing is done on Ebay.

13-10-2015, 14:02
Like some above, I am a 40k player, and former fantasy player. For 40k, I buy the odd kit, but much less frequently now. I have stopped fantasy with the AoS debacle, but moved to KoW (whilst keeping 8th Ed. Fantasy).

I keep a track of my spending in a spreadsheet (Don't ask why, number junky!) and have seen my GW spending compared to my total free money spending decrease substantially this year (total spend down 50% compared to last year). Drop zone, X-wing and Avatars of War have all been major beneficiaries. Perhaps a more telling figure is that last year I spend approximately Ģ100 on various fantasy models, this year that has gone completely. 40K has only lost 10% of my money this year.

13-10-2015, 21:34
I played WHFB and LOTR and had a project of getting into 40k, for which I bought a good base.

But now I`ve sold all the 40k stuff and excess lotr minis, having kept what I had already painted and converted and minis I think will remain useful playing 8th in the remaining local community or KOW. Donīt buy anything GW anymore, probably even not second hand minis, as I`m trying to focus on the my new projects, as well as using my hobby money to support companies I find more deserving.

14-10-2015, 08:39
I used to but I did not like 6:th edition 40k and 7:th just made it worse and then End times happened to fantasy stopping my purchases.

Then: Age of Sigmar.

Now I will not buy new GW stuff on principle. Not giving them my money feels so good.

14-10-2015, 09:08
Just fantasy for me. I have Dwarf, O&G, Undead, High Elf, Empire & Chaos (warriors & daemons) armies.

40k just never really appealed to me. I have a couple of Necromunda gangs (Van Saar, Orlock & Redemptionist) but since most of my scenery got destroyed I am not sure they will ever see much use again.

Spiney Norman
15-10-2015, 00:10
I play both, well when I say 'play', it's been a good six months since I actually played 40k. I started tabletop gaming with GWs LotR game (it really was the LotR setting that drew me in when the films were at their height).

I had armies for Rohan, Isengard, Haradrim, Easterlings, High elves, Lorien Elves and Hunter Orcs for the Hobbit.

After a couple of years I started exploring fantasy, starting with Lizardmen I then moved to tomb kings (thanks to a love of Egyptology), then when wood elves got their army book at the end of 6th edition I started them, then I started orcs and goblins with the 7th ed starter set, then at some point during 7th I started Empire (well when I say 'started' it was mo of a false start, I don't think I actually finished painting up any complete units).

I also got drawn into 40k in the middle of 3rd edition, I started with a witch hunters (sister of battle) army when they got their last full print codex (3rd ed witch hunters), then I diversified into necrons (my gaming group was short of non-imperial players at the and crons we easy to paint). Then much later I fell in love with the new style dark elder stuff that came out during 6th edition. More recently I've moved away from 40k and looked at Forgeworld's Horus Heresy game, I started putting together a force of Word Bearers at Christmas last year which has been slowly growing since then.

More recently I've started a chaos AoS force based on the Khornate half of the starter set.

15-10-2015, 11:15
Hehe what have I started? :P

I should note: I didn't bother to list my OTHER GW collections, being out of the scope of the thread, but you can add 14 Blood Bowl teams (mainly complete, but a couple of partials), 2 copies of 2nd edition BB, Space Marine (1st Ed), Adeptus Titanicus, Space Hulk (1st + 2x 3rd), Dark Future and a load of older minis, including (somewhere) the Citadel wizard that appeared on the holograms with a british breakfast cereal (Shredded Wheat?) that I've also got somewhere... :)

Probably got more somewhere too, like the box of skeletons I bought for conversions...

15-10-2015, 16:44
I used to but GW prices meant I have had to choose between the two. I haven't really liked 40K since 2nd edition and, while flawed, 8th edition fantasy was my preferred game and my favourite iteration of Warhammer fantasy. I still have some work to do to finish off my fantasy armies. I may go back to my Dark Angels following that. Something else may grab my attention.

16-10-2015, 15:37
With my three boys all collecting (I was the assembler and painter) we have the following very sizeable armies for WHFB from GW (Some much bigger than others) - Brets, High Elves, Empire, Orcs & Gobs, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Wood Elves, WoC, Skaven. With Mantic we have Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Undead, Basileans. I also have a Samurai army from WGF.

The only foray we ever did into 40K was the 'Assault' starter game for 40K with SM and Orks. My one son did pick up a few units of Eldar, though. I just always hated moving all of the 40k guys individually (sure, I could have put them on a small tray...), so always stuck with Fantasy.

27-10-2015, 20:53
I had really gotten into Fantasy over the last two years, but seem to be the only person in the area. :(

A shop in the other city started a 40K escalation league, and so I got into Dark Angels with that. Then a friend helped me build up a decent 2000 pt list and we've been playing for the last month or so. Bout to buy a friend's massive collection of 40K stuff on the cheap. I'll see where I go after that.

30-10-2015, 23:45
I officially collect OOP items for WFB as those are the models that I like to collect. There is nothing that I am interested in at al with AOS. Ironically, I was a collector and not a player after the 8th edition came out for WFB as that particular edition was not what I wanted to play. Once I stopped playing WFB, it was 40K for me, and officially I do collect current ranges that you see on line. I would have to admit that that is coming to an end with both the prices, as well as the models being not what I am interested in. Apparently I am not alone, but it seems to me that every new release I just shake my head and move on to EBay. Perhaps my taste in models is too boring for GW, but it is what I like.

On another note, for anyone who wishes to play with their old armies games of hammer past. Please check out my website in my signature.

Skargit Crookfang
31-10-2015, 00:13
I have a weird time with 40k... while I don't dislike the game (and have a decent Tyranid swarm army), I never seem to get really, really invested into it, like WHFB (or, now, 9th Age).

For the WHFB turned 9th, I hav:
Goblins (obviously)...loooooots of goblins of all varieties.
Chaos Daemons (Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Khorne super speedy focus)
Vampire Counts (very typical Necro list)
Dark Elves (All mounted- mostly riders, warlocks and monsters)
Bretonnia (probably my second biggest army. At least 70 knights and probably 200 peasants plus other fun stuff).
Beastmen (Tzeentch and Mino themed)

I find it odd that I'll collect so many WHFB armies... but never seem too enthused on 40k, despite the fact I don't really dislike the game. Just doesn't go that extra mile for me, I guess.

Spiney Norman
31-10-2015, 01:16
I've always wondered if people are into fantasy and 40k simultaneously. Also, are you into specific factions and if that faction doesn't get an update for a while do you start a new faction?

Yes I play both, I generally start a new force because they get redone and I like the look of them, for example I started wood elves in 6th ed wfb when they got their last big update, I started dark eldar in 2010 when they got their whole range revamped etc. The only exception to that I can remember was when I started necrons for 40k, which I did because everyone in my local group was playing imperial and we wanted some xenos factions to throw into the mix, and at the time (3rd edition) necrons were pretty elite and easy to paint.

My armies are
Lizardmen (got me into the game because I love dinosaurs)
Tomb Kings (started them because I was really into Egyptology at one stage)
Wood elves (6th ed revamp)
Night Goblins (7th ed revamp inc. starter set)
+ savage orcs (8th ed revamp)

high elves
Lothlorien elves

Hunter Orcs

Human mercs (I've run Marienburg and Reiklanders)

Blood bowl

Man O' War

Sisters of battle (my original army, love the models so much)
Dark Eldar

Word Bearers - my current, ongoing project, I read The First Heretic and instantly fell in love with the legion.

Age of Sigmar
Khorne bloodbound - loved the models in the starter set so picked them up as a modelling project, I'm expanding them with a load of Khorne daemons that are pulling double duty as allies to my 30k word bearers.

Drakkar du Chaos
31-10-2015, 11:02
I have 7000pts of WoC, planning to go over 10K and then purchase 3K-5K of (Evil) Dwarfs from Scibor and AoW.
15 years ago 40K seemed a great game but now it looks like a giant mess so no i am not going to get into that.

01-11-2015, 14:30
My household used to buy both: I buy the odd ork model for 40K and my wife used to play WHFB until they killed it.

06-11-2015, 19:49
I've mainly been buying paint. I was gifted a few chaos marine bikers back in June. Definitely bought some 40k at the start of the year. Don't think I've bought any fantasy for a little while. Maybe some Bret Men at Arms for some conversion pieces for both 40k and my whfb fantasy army last year. I think some Pistolliers the year before that.

I've got all the WHFB models I've collected since I was a kid, so I don't really buy anymore because the painting backlog is big enough.

I had to get rid of most of my 40k a few years ago, which is why it is slowly being rebought. I've managed to resist restarting orks so far (besides a few vehicle scratch builds... those don't count... honest... Even if I've been considering making a looted wagon army out of card gob smashas etc).

Captain Marius
11-11-2015, 19:26
Ive mainly bought AoS models this year, the battalions gave me the pudh i needed to finally get some dark riders, greatswords and a cauldron of blood. Bought Karl Franz and some demigryphs earlier on for End Times games. Dont think ive bought any 40k this year apart from the odd codex, but that new BA chaplain is getting bought on release day!

14-11-2015, 23:39
For decades I was a player of both. The last few years I've begun to drift away from both and for me AoS was the last straw for GW fantasy. I still retain a certain amount of interest in 40K but it's nowhere near what it was 10 years ago. :-(

From a Galaxy far, far away...

14-12-2015, 23:05
Play both, and more. For GW games started 1994 Dwarfs fantasy, squat 40k. Since then ogres, lizards, dwarfs again. Epic squats. Dwarf man o war fleet, Norse & Chaos Dwarf blood bowl teams. Death Guard Heresy, now with BaC starting a loyalist so Iron Hands also Shattered Legions. 40K Orks, selling Space Wolves. And have only-cult mechanicus army.

And I admit as a fan & collector I have all the fantasy Black Library books, Heresy books and audio, And many 40K, and specialist games:) AoS will probably be where my fantasy models go so eventually take this opportunity to update the models.

We we do a podcast covering the whole hobby and supporting parts so we play a lot of games;).

15-12-2015, 00:25
I used to purchase both. Started with WHFB and was convinced to give 40k a go by a GW store manager. AoS put a stop to fantasy and thinking about where 40K is going has put buying anything for it to a stop.

I'm a war gamer from way back here in the states (70s). My oldest copy of White Dwarf is #11 from 1978. I've been a Citadel customer from the beginning.

16-12-2015, 16:15
I returned to 40k gaming in 1999 and over a few years collected 2-3000pts in 9 armies. Around 2004, started Warhammer too, and gradually built up 3000+pts in 14 armies. Over this time, I got bored of having to keep replacing my 40k army books, plus the power creep issues, so gradually gave up 40k and sold nearly everything, bit by bit.

WFB became my main (and only) thing and I plowed more and more in, thinking it was a game for life and that I would one day show off my models and game with my grandchildren.

AoS stopped that.

I have not bought a single GW product since AoS dropped. I would never go back to the gory mess of rules that 40k is now - no interest in that! I did try AoS and was disgusted. I am not a hater, just stunned and quite fascinated by what GW are trying to achieve? I would happily buy GW products again if they made something I wanted and the price was right. I fear that if they do make something I want, the price will be x4 what I would be prepared to pay, so it will be irrelevant anyway.

16-12-2015, 20:38
I used to.
Blood bowl for quick infrequent games with friends
WFB odd miniatures purely for the joy of painting them and
Lots of 40k which is my main gaming system.

I have now ebayed all my WFB while there's still a market and before newer AoS makes the older stuff obsolete.

16-12-2015, 22:56
I returned to 40k gaming in 1999 and over a few years collected 2-3000pts in 9 armies. Around 2004, started Warhammer too, and gradually built up 3000+pts in 14 armies. Over this time, I got bored of having to keep replacing my 40k army books, plus the power creep issues, so gradually gave up 40k and sold nearly everything, bit by bit.

WFBr became my main (and only) thing and I plowed more and more in, thinking it was a game for life and that I would one day show off my models and game with my grandchildren.

AoS stopped that.

No sense in depriving your grandchildren of all of the work you did on those armies - just pick up a new set of rules!!!! There are plenty out there to use with your existing armies. I recommend Kings of War, as the lists are specifically suited for WHFB replacements.

17-12-2015, 15:06
I've played 40K since 2nd edition and have done numerous chaos/renegade guard forces. I've bought WHFB models to use in 40K. For example: Flagellants to convert into Renegade Guardsmen. Battle Wizards to convert into Primaris Psykers. Gors/Ungors to use as generic lesser daemons (old codex rules). Ogres to use as Renegade Ogryn. Crypt Horrors to convert to spawn. etc... So whilst I've never played WHFB/AOS I still keep an eye on the model line for use in conversions.

17-12-2015, 20:10
No sense in depriving your grandchildren of all of the work you did on those armies - just pick up a new set of rules!!!! There are plenty out there to use with your existing armies. I recommend Kings of War, as the lists are specifically suited for WHFB replacements.

Thanks for the response. I have only sold one army so far (my Bretonnians). I have toyed with selling more, but so far have hung on to them. I have read and thought about all the options, ... I did try KoW. I think it has some really great aspects. If I was into playing tournaments or even competitively at my local club, then I think KoW would be perfect. If I did not already have tons of Warhammer models, I would collect Mantic models and be very happy with KoW. However, as a massive Old World fan, I have not been able to get into KoW. Maybe I will one day. I'd really like to. It just isn't Warhammer / the Old World though - know what I mean?

If there was a perfect edition of WFB with complete army lists, I would return to and stick with that. But to my knowledge, that doesn't really exist. I only started playing at 7th.

And I fear that my enthusiasm for an abolished game and a blown up world will only diminish further over time.

18-12-2015, 20:09
Yup, I played both. TBH I played pretty much all of GW's games except dreadfleet and assasinorum.

Don't play 40k anymore. Traded and sold off my fantasy armies to make way for other games now. Nothing to do with principles... Literally just space XD.

Still have a skaven mordheim gang of the newest plastics and a chain cultists squad for necromunder. Bloodbowl team from marauders.

Now I'm playing KoW with a mantic army, Dropzone Commander, dystopian wars, malifaux, guildball and just got my hands on dungeon saga. :D

The Black Shield
18-12-2015, 22:44
The only Fantasy I've ever purchased was for conversion parts.

19-12-2015, 16:52
As of today i have sold off my entire miniatures collection. The gaming scene and i will be parting ways.

I have upgraded my pc to play some pc games but other then that my gaming is finished.

32 years. Its been a long run.

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19-12-2015, 18:55
I started with WHFB and got drawn into 40k a few years later at my local shop.
Now I use my WHFB armies for Kings of War and hardly ever play 40k anymore because it's so hard to keep up with the armies/rules being released at such a fast pace.

19-12-2015, 19:11
Neither, currently 40k is basically dead to me to much power creep for my liking and my main army Sisters of battle don't really fit in anymore, and fantasy was killed off this year and replaced with the monstrosity that is AOS.

I'am temped to buy a Betrayal at Calth set and start a 30k army but it'll be a slow burn project at best, so my GW days are comming to a end after nearly 30 years.

20-12-2015, 12:14
As of today i have sold off my entire miniatures collection. The gaming scene and i will be parting ways.

I have upgraded my pc to play some pc games but other then that my gaming is finished.

32 years. Its been a long run.

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Boardgames too kitty?

20-12-2015, 13:43
Bought 40K up till the end of second edition. Bought WFB up till AoS dropped although I proxied heavily in recent years due to insane prices and what I perceived as lack of value. I was heavily into Epic, BFG, HeroQuest, Advanced HeroQuest, Space Hulk, Space Crusade and Advanced Space Crusade as well.

I made the decision after AoS to never buy or promote a GW product again. I now feel sorry I introduced dozens of gamers to WFB over the years instead of promoting cheaper and better systems. Instead of being an evangelist for GW like I was I'll now go out of my way within my geographical area to take potential customers away from GW and push them into competing systems.

GW thought it was funny to make 'jokes' at their veterans expense. The very veterans that GW have relied - nearly solely on - to promote their games for decades. I hope GW still find the 'jokes' funny in the coming years. GW have poisoned whole communities with their AoS nonsense - destroying the tournament scene, destroying pick up games, fragmenting player groups into pro and anti camps. I hope the gaming community respond in kind and cease promoting or supporting GW products. We've already seen this happen in many areas with the tournament players switching from GW - hopefully the meta in these communities will follow the tournament players lead as it usually does.

20-12-2015, 13:56
Boardgames too kitty?

No i still play the occasional board game.

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