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Waagh Rider
18-10-2015, 18:44
So I've been playing a long form Quest campaign with some guys down at Eagle Gaming club in Wandsworth, going through the roleplay adventures first in the main book, then proceeding to Lair of the Orc Lord then the Catacombs of Terror, which the party have just entered....

The name of the party is Thengdrim's Secret Shame, so named by Thengdrim the Dwarf himself when he discovered he was adventuring with two pansy Elves....

The line up currently consists of

Thengdrim the dwarf ( to start with, the butt of many jokes and the one that orc dung would always fall on, now an armoured gold seeking tank)

Helmut Goldstriver the Wizard (somewhat amoral, found it difficult to stay alive at first, but now very powerful - loves to lay down a Finger of Doom willy nilly)

Aroven the Wardancer (originally a normal elf who stole a Wardancer's swords and equipment, he has grown into the role and now occupies the position of party Blender)

Occasionally helped by the interventions of Rupert Hornswaggle, an errant Noble who combines adventuring with long skiing holidays in Erengrad and always seems to turn up after the nick of time...


18-10-2015, 19:38
Looks great liking the barfing troll

20-10-2015, 04:40
I agree loving the character info, how's the campaign going?

20-10-2015, 17:46
Is the wizard an elf? Or did the other elf die? I only count one, the wardancer.

Why's the wizard standing on a stack of dice, are you using them as wound counters?

Love the artwork!

20-10-2015, 19:49
Is the wizard an elf? Or did the other elf die? I only count one, the wardancer.

Why's the wizard standing on a stack of dice, are you using them as wound counters?

Love the artwork!

I kinda assumed he was levitating. It wouldn't be the first time I was wrong though...

Great log, some great mini's painted and I really like your artwork too. Hope to see more reports soon!

21-10-2015, 18:25
Ah yes I didn't even think about that just asumed it was official old warhammer artwork. That must be one epic campaign. And I think maybe the dice counts as magic tokens? Our wizard does that too ....

21-10-2015, 18:26
Only not making it look like levitate which will be a must from now on sinds it looks awesome

Karak Norn Clansman
22-10-2015, 20:17
Great campaign start post, not least the banner!

Waagh Rider
23-10-2015, 17:16
He was levitating, yes! When the going gets tough, Helmut gets...levitating...221613221614221615221616

These pics are from Lair of the Orc Lord, a couple of adventures ago...

The boys have entered the Catacombs of Terror, having spent something like 49 weeks travelling to Khemri - love those event tables, we were hysterical with laughter as the journey got longer and longer...

They've found the treasure horde room with the opening in the wall to ancient Khemri and defeated the wights that lived there. They were a bit suspicious when I told them they could take as much treasure as they liked, suspecting some sort of Mega Trap....

The Wardancer picked a random item of treasure and chucked it into ancient Khemri to see what would happen. First item off the pile was The Hammer of Sigmar.... It just lay there, but Thengdrim became sorely tempted to run in there after it
In the end Thengdrim left the room with 12 items, rolled 12 dice and scored several ones, so the treasure vanished back into the room....

They found the tomb of Bnakkar the Tomb King who holds the key to the secret door in the treasure chamber, but Thendrim had to break out all his Runes of Death and Slaying to put the king down....Now there's nothing left for the Zombie Dragon.....

Waagh Rider
23-10-2015, 17:19
Oh and the illustration was drawn by the dwarf player!