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19-10-2015, 22:36
This is something that recently got discussed in my group and i'd like to hear other peoples interpretation of the rules.

The rules say that when you attack with a weapon, you allocate wounds to a model until its dead or the "pool" of wounds done by this attack is used up.
then it goes on with the next weapon/unit/whatever.
So can i allocate wounds from different wound-pools to different models?

Lets say you have 3 Trolls, Troll #1,#2 and #3. each troll has 4 wounds.
Now my enemy casts Arcane Bolt on them and does 2 mortal wounds. i decide to allocate them to Troll #1.
During his shooting phase his archers also shoot my Trolls and after to wound and saves 3 wounds are done.
how i understand the rules i can now decide to allocate these wounds to any of my trolls, so i pick Troll #3 and hes down to 1 wound, keeping the whole unit alive.

the rules simply say that when wounds are infliced from an attack i have to allocate them to a model until its dead or wounds are used up, i cant find any rule that says that all wounds from different sourced have to be allocated to already wounded models.

19-10-2015, 22:48
There is nothing in the 4 pages of rules for Age of Sigmar that requires you to allocate wounds to wounded models first.
What you cannot do is stop allocating wounds to a model once you have started (except of course if you run out of wounds or the model dies).

To answer your example.
The Mage causes 2 wounds and you allocate those to troll #1.
Troll #1 now has 2 wounds left.
The archers now do 3 wounds.
You can allocate those to any troll you like, it can be troll #1 if you want, but it could be troll #2 or #3 if you wanted.
So you pick troll #3 and he goes down to just 1 wound.

Perfectly legal to do that.

20-10-2015, 00:18
Thats how we play it too.

Wouldn't have realised were it not for the Bloodknights,Crypt Horrors and Troll special rules.

20-10-2015, 00:51
thanks for your replies.
we played it with "allocate everything till one drops" and it made small numbers of monster-infantry not very fearsome cause you could focus em down.
now it makes em more dangerous and spongy and gives a way better use to healing than to keep your boss alive.
i think my chaos army needs nurglings now...