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10-11-2015, 14:34
Good Afternoon,

I have just received a new project in the form of a Warhound Titan. Does anyone know a link to the advanced instructions, or have any advice to offer? It's my first Titan and I don't want to rush it or mess it up.
I asked the modelling sub forum, but that forum seems to be kind of unactive at the moment.

All help appreciated,


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10-11-2015, 15:17
Did it not come with FW instructions? Or are they just too basic/not up to the task?

10-11-2015, 15:26
If it's like the FW thunderhawk instructions, I understand your question. Those "instructions" are so basic, I have more information with some good pictures of the total model when I visited Nottingham earlier this year! :o

10-11-2015, 17:05
They are pretty basic (only 6 pages).

I heard there was some advance instructions floating around. I'm not looking to do any anything too ambitious, but I'd like to be very thorough.

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11-11-2015, 02:17
There was a set of detailed instructions floating around on scribd but it looks like they've been deleted. I'm at work but will have a look around home later and see if I still have them from when I put together my warhound.

As far as the basic instructions go I found them to be decent enough for figuring out which bits go where, just make sure you get the toes up the right way before the glue sets ;)
From what I remember the detailed version had some great pinning advice. I went a bit crazy with the pinning but I have a super sturdy titan now, not that he's painted or had final assembly done.

Happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Here's a decent looking blog from someone currently putting together a warhound. http://heresyandheroes.com/tag/warhound-titan/

11-11-2015, 03:40
I'm fairly sure dblas3r is referring to Jabbakahut's rather extensive build-log/advice guide for his Lucius pattern. I can't find it anywhere on the net, so I've extracted a copy from my hard drive and thrown it up on my mediafire account:


I'm not sure I have any other build guides specifically saved, but I do have several hundred photos I've pilfered from people's logs (to help me with my 54mm scale scratch-build project, as and when I'm not procrastinating over it*), so I may be able to point you in the direction of a helpful picture if there's any particular angle you need to see things from.

* My general advice (which is relevant to the 28mm version too) is to plan ahead and not cut corners. If you've got things you can do to make the project a little more special, it's often worth putting that time in.

11-11-2015, 05:38
Good man, that's exactly the one I was referring to. It's been awhile since I've looked through that but I found it extremely helpful when putting my mars pattern together.