View Full Version : Chaos vs Order - Dreadhold Battleplan: Raze to the ground

16-11-2015, 18:33
In this episode we bring out the Overlord Bastion and Skull Keep in the battleplan "Raze to the ground" from the Dreadhold Battletome.

The might of Sigmar besiege the Chaos stronghold in an effort to lay waste to their fortifications, Join us to find out if they will succeed!


Spiney Norman
16-11-2015, 20:03
Really great video again guys, I liked the changes to the way you film, the dice rolling box in the corner was a nice touch. I think maybe the stormcast force was a little overpowering, although sending the blood thirster out on his own unsupported probably was a bad call.

Just a few annoying little rule errors creeping in; for example the bloodsecrator is NOT a priest and cannot use the dread gargoyles, also if the Sally forth ability is a command ability you cannot activate after your general has been killed.

Also the dreadhold looks awesome by the way, fantastic paint jobs all round.

Darth Alec
23-11-2015, 09:16
Loving these battle reports. It's great to see how playing with the dreadhold stuff actually works. You guys are quickly becoming my watch-while-I-paint channel.

But your chaos painter needs to paint faster. The Bloodbound were weaker even when it was just the starter kit, now it's getting pretty bad.