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17-11-2015, 09:50

Need a little help with a my 2k 6th Edition VC list! Hopefully some of you here remember it enough to help.
In terms of shifting the army around, i'm a little limited with resources. I have skeletons and grave guard galore, bat swarms, spirit hosts, characters and possibly some black nights to pull in if necessary. Don't have any zombies or dire wolves though.

Von Carstein


Vamp Thrall

Flayed Hauberk, Talisman of Protection, Additional Hand Weapon
Wight Lord

Banner of the Barrows, Heavy Armour

Level 2, Black Periapt, Aura of Dark Majesty


Skeleton Spearmen [36]

ST, MU, Light Armour, Spears, Shield
Skeleton Warriors [36]

ST, MU, Light Armour, Sword+Shield
Bat Swarm [2 bases]


Grave Guard [36]

CH, ST, MU, Shields, HA
Spirit Host [2 bases]


Banshee [1]

I've gone, at the moment, for large inf block trying the anvil hammer approach, with enough guys to just bog down my opponent. The Necromancer will probably float around units avoiding being hit, and staying out of combat. the Thrall and BSB will be in the Grave Guard unit pumping them. I'm hoping that the spirit hosts, bat swarms and banshee can tangle up other units if my opponent goes wide. but i'm after any C&C.

17-11-2015, 19:10
If I'm not mistaken Skeletons and Grave Guards have a unit cap of 30 models each in 6th edition. That would gives you ~200pts to add something to your list. At the time I liked Skirmishing Ghouls, but if you're limited to what you listed, a unit of Black Knights would be good too! You could also upgrade your Thrall to a Count.