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04-12-2015, 15:07
Hi, ive recently acquired a massive dark elves army which has multiples of many units,prob over 10000 points worth,im new to dark elves and have never played them (book has been ordered) but what units are autoinclude and what should i try and move on as i want to thin it out,i do have a few ideas but want to hear from some more experenced players just so i dont shift the wrong units ,cheers in advance

04-12-2015, 15:23
Depends on the edition/game.
What is best in 8th, AoS or 9th is completely different.
What are you planning to play?

Lord Dan
04-12-2015, 15:36
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04-12-2015, 16:21
As Folomo said, it pretty much depends entirely on which game you're hoping to play.

If it's AoS...just take whatever you like. That's the whole point of the game, do what you want and enjoy it, it doesn't matter if model A is better than model B.

If you're talking about 8th, the Warlock riders (whose name I unfortunately forget) are ludicrously good (head-shakingly good even), but after that, the DE army is full of solid units. Dark Riders are great Fast Cav, the repeater crossbows offer a wonderful ranged unit that can fight off most traditional scouts, Bolt Throwers are always good. It's hard to find a BAD unit in the army (though some are obviously better than others).

Personally, I'm a big fan of Cold One Knights, though they're rarely used due to the fact that they aren't as reliable as the rest of the army.

04-12-2015, 16:38
sorry i should have mentioned im playing 8th for now,aos i dont think is for me although 9th sounds interesting. what units should i completely avoid or is there a unit that fulfills their role better than others,just putting the feelers out there before my codex arrives

04-12-2015, 17:48
In 8th, Warlocks where probably the most hated unit in DE, with justified reasons. 2 units of 5 are almost auto-included in most lists.
Another common unit was a horde of witch + BSB cauldron with no armor save weapon + razor banner.
Min units of Dark Riders were quite popular near the end of 8th too.
Executioners bring access to S6, which really helps dealing with heavy armor.

Almost everything else is pretty solid in the new DE book anyways, with the exception of żbleakspear?, so there are almost no pitfalls in the DE book. One of the reasons it was considered among the top 3 armies.

04-12-2015, 18:54
so my codex arrived for me coming home from work, how does this sound

Hellebron: General, 310
Supreme Sorceress L4, Light, Dispel Scroll, Dragonbane Gem, 270
Master on Dark Pegasus: heavy armour, lance, Sea Dragon cloak, shield, Cloak of Twilight, 188 BSB
9 Dark Riders: Standard, Musician, shields, repeater crossbows, 200
10 Dark Riders: Standard, Musician, shields, repeater crossbows, 220
24 Witch Elves: Standard, Musician, banner of eternal flame,
28 Har Ganeth Executioners: FCG, 366
4 Reaper Bolt Thrower, 280
10 Doomfire Warlocks, 250

points may be a bit off as ive done it in a hurry, but is that kinda ok or should i be putting in a hydra and cauldron instead of some things

04-12-2015, 19:44
Some recomendations:

Use dark riders in min sized unit. Their use is mostly to harras and chaff the enemy lines (double flee or sacrificing themself). Ideally without much equipment.

Witch elves: while flaming banners may sound good, most things that depend on regen are going to be slaughtered anyways by a witch horde, because they have a ton of attacks and poison. Against a few armies it may be good, but in general it's not necessary. On the other hand, razor banner (Grants armor piercing) will help a TON against 2+ armor save models. Basically, it will duplicate the damage against high armor cav (but not 1+ AS), which is probably one of the few options capable of going toe-to-toe with a witchstar.

I wouldn't recommend making the Master on pegasus the BSB. The advantage of flying is that you can go against the flanks and away from the rest of the army to deal with vulnerable units, which would prevent your other units from getting the BSB bonus, which is quite important if you have to roll a leadership test.

Light is in general a poor lore for elves. you already have good leadership, WS, ASF and initiative, so you are losing 1/2 of the spells in the lore. Metal may be good if you have problems with armor, shadow in most cases and death against low ld or I armies. Also, where will be your wizard? There is no unit to protect him. Dragonbane gem is good on lone characters, not so much on a wizard. I think the 5++ against fliers is far better.

Doomfire warlocks work better in 2 units of 5 rather than 1 unit of 10. More mobility, less points lost in case something nasty catches them and you can channel/cast twice as much.