View Full Version : Steam Tank Shooting (8th Edition)

Buddy Bear
13-12-2015, 08:47
Can the Steam Gun and Steam Cannon fire at different targets? I'll be using Steam Tanks for the first time soon and I don't remember their rules exactly. If I fire both guns in the same turn, would they have to shoot at the same target or could they target different enemy units? If so, could someone reference the rule where it says the latter? How about the Engineer Commander's Repeater Pistol? Who can he shoot with that?

13-12-2015, 11:34
The tank/engineer is not granted any special permission to fire at multiple targets that I can see.

Buddy Bear
13-12-2015, 11:39
Just double checking, as I could have sworn that was the case for some reason, but I guess not. I was probably just misremembering things due to the Hochland Long Rifle, which does allow firing at a separate target.

13-12-2015, 11:45
Maybe it did in 7th? It was pretty OP then…

Buddy Bear
13-12-2015, 12:17
That's entirely possible, too. I've read every version of the rules, so occasionally I'll misremember a rule from a previous edition and think it's current.