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17-12-2015, 23:16

Back playing mordheim again :)

Recruiting henchmen to a group. The rules say 'pay 2 gc for each exp point the henchmen bring to the warband. Is that 2 for every exp point in the group he is joining or a straight 10 as he adds 5 exp to the overall warbands rating (x2 gc)... .

18-12-2015, 05:24
Hi there,

It'll be 2gc for every experience point the group has. Example: you've played two games and a henchman group has reached its first advance at 2xp. To add to this group you first need to roll 2 or more on 2D6 (your chances are good) and then pay 4 extra gold for the new recruit due to his experience.

Remember that it's not the groups total experience that'll be used here. Say that you have a group of 4 henchmen and you've gained 2xp with them. The group's total experience will be 8 but new recruits will only cost 2. A 5th member of the group would then bring the group's total experience up to 10.

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Thanks for the reply...

It made sense, to me ��, til the second paragraph.

I will re read til my eyes bleed....

30-12-2015, 06:53
Hello again,

This quick image will hopefully help you out some more.


This is a group of 3 ghouls. You can see that the group has gained 6 experience, which gives the group a total experience of 18 (6*number of members). To add another ghoul to this group you need to roll at least '6' for the amount of experience you have available, and it will cost you 12 gold. If you add a 4th ghoul the group's total experience would then increase to 24. A 5th ghoul would increase it to 30. The important thing to remember is that no matter the number of members in the group the experience gained (6 in this case) isn't changed by that. However, the experience gained from participating in a battle will increase the group's total experience by 1 for each surviving member. The group of 3 ghouls would go from 18 total experience to 21 (7*number of members) if they all survive the next game. Lastly, it is every henchman group's total experience that is used to calculate your warband rating.

04-01-2016, 21:19
Thanks for that.

I got it now, multiply the number in the group by the groups exp for a total to be added to the warband rating...

We been doing it wrong, but there wouldn't have been more than 50 rating between us so far.